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International Women’s Day Event – Local Restaurant Receives Universal Recognition

After receiving high-praise across the country for their support with Veganuary, Torquay restaurant Bombay Express is once again achieving universal recognition for their campaign support.

This month, owner Rehan Uddin and team have been creatively pushing International Women’s Day and the #PressForProgress campaign.

As well as actively campaigning for gender parity in the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) in Westminster, Bombay Express hosted an evening with a difference last night for International Women’s Day, where women received 50% of their bill to address the gender pay gap and ‘woman’s tax’. Furthermore, Rehan surprised his all-female staff with an additional pay rise in honour of #IWD2018 commencing from the 1st April, stating “it’s not about political lip service, it’s about active action – highlighting what can really be done easily, practically, and above all equally”.

Alongside performances from talented local artists, singer Sadie Horler and poet Tia Dewar (debuting her first performance), inspirational guest speakers Celebrity Chef and Venus ‘Influential Women of the Year’ Sarah Ali Choudhury, and local educator and community activist Katie Louise Cavanna shared stirring speeches on women’s equality and leadership roles.

The highly-anticipated event has received global encouragement from America, Australia, Bangladesh, Holland, India, and across the UK following an online open invitation for an international video project. The poignant project (edited by local videographer Damian Sciberras) was showcased on the evening; collaborating individual experiences from the UK and internationally; highlighting perceptions of current equality climate from a range of social, economic, and cultural backgrounds.

Sarah Ali Choudhury commended the event, stating “It is great to be here in Torquay – I’m particularly proud to be celebrating International Women’s Day in an Indian restaurant as this is the first British-Indian restaurant to ever celebrate in such a manner with live music, speeches, videos and discussions. Congratulations Rehan for recognising women and for being such a game changer!”

Dipna Anand one of the few female chefs and restaurant owners in the British Asian hospitality industry also praised the event “Rehan and his team have created such an exciting initiative for International Women’s Day – not only are they pushing for gender equality in parliament, but their creative calls-to action are helping bring unity, to motivate discussion and deeds towards gender inclusivity both locally and internationally”.