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Fatema Miah:

failure of awareness lessons and safeguarding  vulnerable people, where the  vulnerable are rather likely be endangered by the aware and supporting individuals bias nature and assumption making  reactive impulse of sub-merged, sub-conscious  harbouring latent hate or judgement what their thought and vision  distorted by.

The dislike that shoved in, not allowed to be cleared up, rather covered up in fear of discrimination blame  or in the name of diversity enforcement, into closed minds. Minds that weren’t allowed to open up neither the discriminative treatment abolished  from minds. They are compelled by force to swallow the undesired bitter dose.  The taste differs so does the dose amount requirement and  understanding is different to different individual.

The failure is evident here, as it is the core of the typicalsm of old and original same lacking in appropriately applying of the safeguarding methods. The training doses given, but the digestibility not been assessed, then again how to assess it and what would be the assessment method?

Big mouths and canning, strong and forceful have always won by defeating the entire systems. It is continuous as has been. The innocents are left suffering and the evils, strong, clever and deceitful gets away, when a weak and tired person wrongly gets bitten up instead.

This is how we modernised and aware British are.  I am Fearful of loss of qualities in the passion of supplying quantity of training. Individuals take training as the abundant inessential, unpriced and free items that they grab and throw in spare corner.  Or it is taken as a ‘must use’ weapon to exercise it, Where and what, How, when and who, is here proven core factor of failure here.

Yes, here it hasn’t been a damaging consequence yet, that could’ve been  thus has been a hurtful and very uncomfortable situation for a suffering, non-reactive, silent and polite, wise but ill health individual, who had to take the assaults, being calm in a friendly manner, prudentially coping with an individuals strong and big mouth of verbal insulting with false accusations, allowing the victimisation continued, ignoring allowing space, smothering with an air of agreement kept the flow of communication by nodding to avoid further issues not to be made up.

It was clarified the innocence without mentioning the individuals faults, attitudes and hurt she caused. The factor behind this disturbing issue was, inappropriately sharing a concerning and safeguarding issue. The faulty was left with comfort and an innocent sufferer became a target being hurt, insult and humiliated and stressed to illness again.

I have been on ongoing battle to raise awareness on such concern, at the cost of my stress and suffering. How on earth am I going to continue battle to make people to wake up to distinguish the right from the wrong?

As long as I can, then there will be an end of me, as inevitably likely of. Then again, who cares and why should rightly or wrongly targeted or attacks should matter to people, because people most are for a job for earning purpose. Many are dragged into those jobs, not voluntarily being caring.

Nature and thoughts not assessed, just threw layers of categories tick boxing qualifications, imposed upon individuals to get the orgs running, for funding purposes as well as for the so called “British Standard” to be ticked as system in place.

The guilty and faulty according to them, in that scenario, because of who the entire issue was created, she was allowed stress free and comfortably sitting there.

Effect of some strong-character individuals and certain community.

Soft spoken speech or talk in all mean is the positive feature that has all good and positive impact.  Soft speaking is the expected norm and expected in all primary and secondary sectors.  Mean, reactive and egoistic characters are the badly damaging to easy and soft natured group of people.

The society as such that often create a typicalised stereo typing image of groups that easily overshadow the entire climax and causes illusion to some confused minded individuals, those are often overly confident and they nurture extreme assertive authoritarians sadly from their distorted perception, this makes them failing to grasp the real picture of a situation.

Whereas this same group of people are deceived and misled by characteristicsm; the deceptive group of damaging, dictatorial and strong and loud or big talking imitating characters.  On this the weak, honest, open hearted and genuine quality nurturing people do happen to suffer one or the other way. Some people; Afro origin, Asian specially the Pakistanis negatively influencing to devalue the services here in UK.

In relation to extreme hateful race related groups of white race have exercised openly and to prevent hate crimes strategies placed into educate and prevent their hate acts. The white race hate mistakes are often apparent. But a group of hateful Black and the Asian on the other side are the cause of concern.  The weak and unsupported vulnerable ones do suffer after all.

The Asian specially, largely a group of Pakistani, some Bangalis and others, causing the dilution and confusion, at the same time are strongly influencing the whole Britain by spreading fear and wrongly faulting the services.  Resulting to devalue the quality of services, compelling the system to be weak against the weak and vulnerable ones.  Thorough Education is must to distribute the understanding.

White negative type group of  people work silently against their hate target and support white weak ones from those strong, big mouth Asian, tactful deceptive ones, but generally, frankly  the lower class Whites are worse disadvantaged. Contrary, there are few weak and quiet Asian do end up suffering the consequences of large group that they are not usually part of, unless there is a strong support/community bond there.

In the large scale of stereotyping,  the truth isn’t made aware of, that acting westernised by uncovering (dress down) isn’t true picture of acceptance westerners feeling neither certainty of they are contributors  to integration.  Understanding is needed for better society. When Quality maintained improves the society and that benefits everyone.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com