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The contemporary world can learn from. 


Fatema Miah:

This is about Bangladesh.

Bengal lost it’s identity after partition of India in 1947. Obviously its known to you all that Bengal was devided by East and West.   It’s not all about East and west, the both devided regions fell in, under two countries. Its saga began. West still struggling in west under greater India. There Bengalis quality is abused, skills and talent  used though not given due credit. Rather Bengalis were treated inferior.

On the other side, the Bangladesh, the East Bengal fell under Islamic republic of Pakistan and faced inferiority while providing quality of services to the state in maintaining a sustainable development. However, the oppression and dictation by Pakistanis eventually resulted Bangalis final resort to an independent Bangladesh.  The independent bore sore episode. The independent came with pain and suffering, loss and bloodshed. The Bloodshed was result of genocide. The genocide was perpetrated in modern era under reformed UN. UN watched it happening and US supported it by supplying weapons to Pakistan. It was a democide, where Government was killing it’s own civilians.

In Bangladesh now, there under a democratic banner two antagonistic main political parties play their tactic vehemently against each other. There was once a dictatorial government in 80s ruled under Martial law. Since Dictatoriasm of Ershad government toppled up BNP and Awamelegue parties’  antagonism began. The interim government of military rule came in to settle the unrest in the country.  Up until Awamelegue Party the latest government came in power the war crime and genocide of 71 remained un resolved, un touched and oppresssed. Neither United Nation nor international Justice courts picked up the genocide issue neither justice was served. Where genocide archive enlisted the 71 genocide of Bangladeshi people by Pakistan, however international genocide council haven’t registered 71 genocide of Bengali officially.   United Nation been silent about it for decades. US strengthened their allied bond that they  formerly formed with Pakistan, supported and aided Pakistan stablishing and planning out worldwide, while the were failing to maintain neighbourly relation with India. Simultaneously, Pakistan had latent internal issues that they successfully oppresssed down, kept hidden away from world.  About 71s genocide and justice, Pakistan manipulatively have oppressed while  being allied with US. US and UN ameliorated 71s genocide of Bangladeshi by Pakistan. The war crime situation there in Bangladesh or East Pakistan or East Bengal exacerbated because of US support to Pakistan then in 1971. Despite being made alert and aware by its other allies and their diplomats. US a former British colony with its people. US former Brits, a group of colonial people have been acting as empire making and empire building manner. Pakistan deceived US by sheltering and supporting Al-Qaeda and harbouring Taleban, while US went on to war against Al-Qaeda and Taleban.


This is about Middle East

Whether it’s about Syrians or Palestinians there democide takes place regularly, and it’s an on going issue. Arab violence, terror, war and killing is like a norm nowadays.  Asad was a British educated lawyer. Asad has Learnt in UK and he  was practising in London. Asad I was told maintained a peaceful life, lived and demonstrated well friendly lifestyle there in London. There Asad being a perpretrator, perpetrating  genocide of his own people before the world in Syria.  US and we UK  supplying weapons to Middle East; to legitimate government or to illegitimate diesh groups.  We committed to war on terror a generation ago and it’s on going. Despite our terror threats and attacks are being prominent we haven’t postponed let alone to stop our weapon exportation  to any consumers groups.   We UK, alongside US and France have desire to go to war in Arab region again.  Clearly, our UK, alongside the  US seems to be stakeholder in  Arab issues, civilians suffering.  US is empire building nation formed from an empire it’s self. UK and France has long past history of Imperialism  and colonisation.  With our imperial passion we shall not play with more civilians lives. Turkey and Russia went there to fight against Asad’s regime and terrorists to protect civilians thus,  rather there are  more casualties, deaths and destruction to the county.  Allah bless Syria and the world.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com