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Ice Age and imperial rise and fall

Fatema Miah:

USA the world’s current Super  Power is remained silent in fact ignorant and denial of Climate Change. Yes, up until now world Climate researchers drew the attention of Climate Leaders to the Raising Carbondioxide emission and accumulated co2 up in the atmosphere.

Suddenly now the Climate change is to be facing contrary imminent effect of predicted Cold. A mini ice age is ahead soon. This year 2018 probably be the last hottest year before the emerging predicted Ice Age.  Ice Age shall begin from 2020 and it’s cold era likely to be felt from 2019.

By year 2030 entire earth will be effected by Ice Age Coldness, according to the research findings. The temperature drop may very from region to region, continent to continent. Temperature predicted to drop by between 2 degree to 7 degree across the earth during the ice age period.

Sean Martin, Climate Science Research correspondent, suggests that 1,500 years ago during mini Ice age, Roman Empire has fallen. He phrases as such “Mini-Ice age 1,500 years ago contributed to fall of Roman Empire”. That was in the 6th century.

The cooler period allowed the Arab Empire to bloom in Sean Martins phrase. Truthfully, in the Arabian peninsula and Middle East  there were more rain falls than usual. Hence more vegetation grew and fed their people and large Army force .

People in West were stricken by famine and plagues, and to scape from those harshness, people moved towards East,  migrated to China.   Tension rose between Nomadic groups and Native Chinese. With an Allegiance between Chinese and Eastern Romans there they conquered Persia.

Roman was largest and Powerful Empire had face a drastic fall.  Sean Martin pin pointing at and linking their fall to Ice Age Cooling effect.  Seemingly, Asia and Middle East was benefited by the Ice Age cooling effect. It was West and Europe that had faced disastrous famine and diseases.

USA didn’t exist then, early in the last millennium.  America was there remained isolated, detached away from rest of the conflicting world, with it’s own native civilisations. Now USA is the dominant state in America rulling like a worlds dominant empire, todays empire.

USA is  ignorant and dismissive of Climate warnings. In the next Ice age is that USA World Super Power due to their ignorance towards Climate Change likely to  anyhow face a harsh reality of consequences like Roman did in the past Ice Age?

It was at the fall of Roman Empire, during an Ice Age,  Muslim Khalifa the representative Am’ar  stablished a Mosque there and has ruled in Jerusalem.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com