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When The Olympic Theme is ‘Green and Pleasant’ The Sylhet Stadium Ideally Tallies Up

By Shofi Ahmed:  

Sylhet stadium is a pretty nice built in the midst of the leafy bush. Ideally located surrounding beautiful landscapes bursting with mesmerizing green grandeur. Eyeing on it from a design perspective it princely imparts a snapshot of the environmental values carried out by nature – rural and urban beauty of Sylhet!

It’s said that the aesthetic experience is among the most common starting points. And there are heaps of these await on the way to the purpose-built Sylhet Stadium. Take a drive it takes some fifteen minutes from the airport or the town centre. With the scenic views amidst stunning tea gardens en route, punters are destined to escape into a rare picturesque horizon. That can enjoy a light-bulb moments where phenomenal aesthetic goes wild.

Realistically the scenic grandeur sprawled en route to the stadium is geared to impart such light-bulb moments. Simply because as it stands the surrounding bandwagon is packed full of visual cues. Enough for anyone keeping an open eye, open mind to get a fresh thrill of rediscovering what makes our baseline: air, soil and water. And roam through these meadows tucks you away to your destination. Isn’t amusing?

Fine, the location and design of the stadium have hit it out of the ballpark. That’s true but it doesn’t settle the score as yet. There are much more in the greens for the man and the sports world.

The original Olympic trophy of course, is a hefty sum. However, did you know we can easily pick it up from our big basket of greeneries? The winners of the Pythian Games, a forerunner of the modern Olympic Games used to receive a wreath of bay laurel, a spice. In other words, the original Olympic trophy was a green crop-based substance: Bay Leaves! And we saw the green again in London 2012 Olympics.

Danny Boyle along with 10,000 volunteers chose to go organic rather than being purely techie in producing London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony that Britain called ‘Green and Pleasant’.

Sports have the ability to take the multitude of forms and display the human’s physical grandeur. These are however always best performed on the earthly ground. Always touching a base, opened sky wide, never split, with all parts flowing in abundant liquidity for the masses with crops and greens. The green globe is timeless nonetheless it is the man’s diverse integration into it that make its true forms.

That said for an Olympic game with the opening theme such as ‘Green and Pleasant’ doesn’t it ideally tally up with the Sylhet Stadium?