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Sulphur dioxide  limits global warming.

Fatema Miah:

Nature plays on it’s own rhythms.

We get shocked and upset with natures disturbances. Whereas, nature has its it’s own action pattern with it’s accord.

Nowadays with our scientists advance knowledge, expertise and advancements the natures cause are researched, watched and appropriate safe actions are taken to best possible safety.

There has been many volcanic eruptions this year and last year across the world, between Canada, Japan, Philippine and Hawaii.

There is a large volume of Sulphur dioxide acid gas released into the air from Volcanic eruption in Hawaii Ireland alone in this month May 2018.

Hawaii is an  American Ireland and a popular holiday destination.   Hawaii it’s self is a volcanic Ireland emerged from volcanic erruption.  Hawaii is renown as an ‘isolated volcanic archipelago”.  It is located in the central pacific Ocean.

Due to Hawaii has been formed of volcanic erruption  it has rugged landscape of cliffs, waterfalls, tropical foliage and it’s beaches have gold, red, black, and green sand. It’s natural beautiful landscape and features attract million of people from across the world to visit the Ireland every year..

The volcano Kilauea has been continously simmering since 1983 and eventually violently  erupted now. Lava flows destroyed dozens of home buildings. Two thousands residents been evacuated from their homes. Kilauea volcano has been running beneath five Irelands in the region in the pacific.

The volcanic eruption has been throwing high volume of ashes up in the air. The volcanic Ash cloud is rising to 12,000 feet. Since the first eruption at least 19 fissures have opened in the ground around the volcano. Some acres of land covered in hot red burning lava.

The air quality near the eruption is hazardous because of sulphur dioxide acid of SMOG. Burning lava pouring from the mountain into the ocean water.  There is a mixture of Sulphur dioxide and aerosol in the air and is harmful to people and other living beings. People with asthma, and other respiratory condition, infants, elderly and expectant Mother’s are at risk.

On the one hand volcanic eruption releases large volume of green house gases and other aerosols into the atmosphere and causes air pollution. Mixing with oxygen it causes smog and acid rain. Simultaneously, sulphur emission slows down the rising of temperature. Acid rain reduces methane emission from Westland and limits global warming.

Research study shows,  sulphur pollution supresses methane emission and reduces methane by number of percentage. Without acid rain methane pollution increases by high volume and adds to co2 carbon emission. Sulphur dioxide emission has been reducing the methane from Westlands some to 160 million tons per year.

By 2030 in the predicted global cooling era or ice age, there further  it is predicted that with Sulphur dioxide emmission in the air, methane emmission gas predicted to be further reduced to slow down or reduce the global warming.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com