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Saudi Human right and Women

Fatema Miah:

Saudi women are fighting against Saudis law on women and trying to break the system. They call it women’s right. Women seeking not only right to drive, they seeking  to alter a Sunnah a fundemental aspect of Islam for women’s safety regulation.

A women from Saudis women’s right group wrote to me, sharing her case that she is fighting against Saudi Arabian government and her own father.  Women there seeking to break the rule of male companionship and guardianship to women. They seek  to travel without male companion.

Its obvious that Saudi is renown dictatorial power rulling Kingdom. Saudi is  factual Made up of   false kingship that made to Aristocratic system running by bureaucratic power rule.  They all are kings, they treat other poorer nations workers ill and in that kingship they restrict their other gender citizens there.

Saudi and all  Arabian nations appear arrogant and rigid. Women there are their flesh and reflection equally same natured and so they are reactive and adamant. They seeking not only to be able to drive, they want to be as Western women in all sense.

This women’s right activist took asylum in USA and fighting Saudi and her father for freedom of will. While Saudi is too rigidly strict on rules, their women challenge them. Human right activists there get arrested and imprisonment for demonstration.

Makes me wonder, do Saudi and other Arab Women obey Islamic rule Sunnah? The men there seems to be too rigid and dictatorial controlling  over their girls when their girls sems to haven’t accepted or made accustomed to their expected system.

There is a big missing component there, lacking in synchronicity between family members, father and daughters. How is sons’ case in that sense. Why sons do adopt to and fall in synchronicity more often than daughters?

Are sons more obedient and Islamic than daughters? Not necessarily. Arab  openly abuse human right with power.  Women there abuse human right too. They do not apply human right in others means outsiders case. They cry human right for their own desires.

About Saudi women’s right, several years ago Abdul Aziz agreed to let women drive and said, he wants women to drive but when the society is more safe for women to be out alone. I wrote, it’s up to him to make the society safer for women.

I also wrote, despite I believe it is convenient for women to be able to drive so she would be able to get chores done as needed, though being a women, I would rather be happy if there is  male available to drive during hectic hours to save me from stress.

My question is Why Muslim countries are not safe for women? Muslim  countries should be safe heaven for women.  Muslim women seek shelter in Western non-Muslim countries. Marriage is another biggest issue in Saudi and Arab league countries.

There in Arab emirates, and Saudi they all fighting for self desires, using authority and abusing human right, they failing to fit in with Quran and Sunnah, also they themselves those cry for human right for themselves, they do not apply human right for others.

There it is always a friction between father and daughter, authority and women in Saudi. Women are equally adamant to break the Dictatorial system and simultaneously the authority  is rigid in applying authoritarian rule over citizens specially women.

With such mind set of them all concern, they would never come to an agreement to move forward to a fair and agreeable solution, maintaining reasonable system of ethic and  value with the religion Islams codes of conduct.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com