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Iftar Mahfil held by UK Juboleague

Bangla Mirror Desk:

UK Juboleague recently organised an Ifter Mahfil to felicitate newly elected councillors, distinguished members of the community and journalists working in the UK.  Around seven hundred people from different cities across the UK took part in the Iftar Mahfil.

Cllr. Nazma Rahman and Hafeez Al Mahi Rahman recited from the Quran in the beginning of the discussion part.

Leaders of the UK Juboleaue praised the councillors hugely for their involvement in British politics.  President of UK Juboleague Faqrul Islam Madhu presided over the meeting and General Secretary Selim Ahmed Khan conducted it.  Acting President of UK Awami League Jalal Uddin addressed the audience as Chief Guest. Other special guests who addressed the audience included General Secretary of UK Awami Legue Sajdur Rahman Faruq, Vice-president Abul Hashem, Vice-president Harmuz Ali, Vice-president Sitab Chowdhury, Vice-president Shah Aziz, Joint General Secretary Naimuddin Riaz, Joint General Secretary Maruf Chowdhury. Joint General Secretary of UK Awami League wished everyone the blessings of Ramadan via tele-conference.

Other guests who addressed the audience included President of London Bangla Press Club Syed Nahash Pasha, Member of Advisory Committee of Awami League Shah Faruq, Ahmed Hasan, Sarob Ali, A S M Misbah, Rabin Pal, S M Sujon, Lutfur Rahman Sayed Khasruzzaman Khasru, Kawsar Chowdhury, Meher Nigar Chowdhury, President of UK Mohila Awami League Anjuman Ara Anju, Hosne Ara Matin, General Secretary of Jubo Mohila League Sajia Snigdha, Vice-president of London Awami League Anhar Miah, former General Secretary of UK Juboleague Tarif Ahmed and others.

Newly elected councillors who were present at the event included Cllr. Ahbab Hossain, Cllr. Sabina Akhtar, Cllr. Shad, Cllr. Dipa Das, Cllr. Rita, Cllr. Josna, Cllr. Nazma Rahman, Cllr. Janet, Cllr. Mujibur Rahman, Cllr. HanifAbdul, Cllr. Abdal Ullah, Cllr. Tareq and others.  Former Leader of Tower Hamles Labour Helal Uddin was also present at the event.

President of UK Juboleague Fakhrul Islam Madhu emphasised that as a nation all the Bangladeshis are proud of the election of so many councillors of Bangladeshi origin.  He also mentioned that for the first time this many councillors from Bangladeshi origin have been elected and this would always be marked as an historical event in the history of the nation.

General Secretary Selim Khan said that in the coming General Election in Bangladesh, the country will look forward to co-operations from the Non-resident Bangladeshis, especially from the elected representatives and journalists.  So that Bangladesh can continue its development work by re-electing Awami League under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Other Juboleague leaders who addressed the audience were Afjol Hossain, Nozmul Islam, Aktar Ahmed, Mohammod Firuz, Syed Azizur Rahman Shamim, Shamsur Rahman Shamim, Ajmol Ali, Mantar Ali Raju, Nurul Islam Jitu, Mahbub Ahmed, Foyzur Rahman Chowdhury Mostaq, Jamal Ahmed Khan, Delwar Hossain Liton, Anisuzzaman Azad, Foyzur Rahman Foyez, Aminul Islam Rabel, Sarjon Khan, Jubayer Ahmed, Kazi Masum, Babul Khan, Mahmud Ali, M A Jilu, Lilu Miah Talukdar, Tareq Ahmed, Forsal Hossain Shumon, Mohammod Ayas, Abdur Rahman Shamim, Jenifar Laxmi, Asabur Rahman Jibon, Ajit Lal Das, Motaher Ali Suhel, Dulal Ahmed, Ruhul Amin Dolon, Kabirul Islam, Sirajul Islam Toslu, Jubayer Alam, Ansar Ahmed, Atiqur Rahman Lebu, Delwar Hossain and others.

Other speakers at the event were International Affiars Secretary of Bangladesh Shechchashebok League Aktaruzzaman Miron, General Secretray of Bangla Press Club, Birmingham and Midlands Talukdar Raihan, Foyez Khan of Shechchashebok League, President of Coventry Juboleague Hossain Ahmed, Co-cultural Secretary of UK Juboleague M A Fattah, Rumman Ahmed, Kamrul Islam Munna, Golam Faruq, Khaled Ahmed Joy, from South London Juboleague Mujahid Islam Liton, Masum Ahmed, Russel Ahmed Jewel, Saidul Alam, Anwar Ali, Matiur Rahman, President of UK Chatro League Tamim Ahmed and General Secretary Sajib Bhyuan and others.