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Human right activism and it’s Triviality

Fatema Miah:

Oh! Gosh! What is this, having to  pick on by leaving aside my subject matter Science researches.   Some trivial matters comes forward, where our human right activists  pushing them as urgency, give priority over other life threatening issues.

Our UK human right organisations often don’t seem to think right therefore the real serious abuses are often ignored. Equally, there in Arab and Iran women seems to cannot distinguish between life threatening issues and random desirous aspect.

Where, women are abused to death, oppressed and tortured and crying for dear life in same Saudi and Iran their women there wants to watch and play football openly alongside men.   Our UK human right orgs readily available and standby to fight for that.

I had to  leave my Science, physics research work aside to express my frustration on human right orgs being so pathetic with vigour they working on such cases by condoning real life treating, suffering, abusive cases that’s before their eyes.

Both UK human right orgs activists and Saudi and Iranian women are off minded. Human right activists are random volunteers seems to be mindless and partial. Arab and Iranian women are careless and selfish, adamant thoughtless.

When women are persecuted, stoned or hanged to death with false accusation or for forgivable minor errors in the same Saudi and Iran,  these human right orgs do not protect them or save them from unnecessary avoidable death punishment.

UK parliamentary women and UK human right activists have no better thoughts of women’s right and care concern any better than defending  Saudi and Iranian womens desires to watch football, when in Syria, Palestine, African countries and Rakhine state women are abused and killed every day.

In UK, how many women watching World Cup?  How many women visit or turn up to football stadiums to watch football plays.  When the facilities are available for women wash rooms and no restriction to have separate entrance and exit?

When Saudi women few years ago raised a petition, case against their government, during Abdul Aziz’s governing time that women wanted equal right to watch football, our UK human right orgs jumped up and raised the issue like now they doing same for Iranian women.

Makes me wonder about UK human right orgs, what matters to them. Aha, another factor here, more and more human right activists are foreign here. Arab women all desire to be lawyers and they are training to be ‘solicitors here. No wonder UKs law quality degraded to some down steps.

Word human right has  now become matter of random phrase to be used to exercise for personal desires by adamant strong head beings. Human  right is also abused against rightful reformation for the corrupt organisations. Abuses continues.

When Abdul Aziz assessed the petition, or appeal, they came up with too many regulation had to be put in place. For instance, separate entrance and exit was required for women, washroom facility is essential and at the same time to comply with health and safety regulation safety exits or evacuations was needed, there was lacking in space therefore it was cancelled.

There in Saudi Arabia women have separate college where women inside  take off their hijab the head covering and robe,  they dressed in Western less than moderate level below officially approved level. No men allowed in the women’s premises.

In the situation of emergency it gets tough and becomes life threatening.   When there are   accidents and women get  injured, Ambulance get called. Only male ambulance staff  in Saudi. In this situation Ambulance arrived and entered in,  venue full of  women were underdressed, undressed in their term, Ambulance staff walked outside and waited.

The women had to move  into other class rooms and some women had to  find their dresses to be full vailed, meanwhile the injured woman kept bleeding and  got worse  and died before reached to hospital.  The reporter wrote it was an inevitable death. Indeed it was an inevitable death.

A better judgement is necessary to distinguish differences between what is necessary versus desire.  Necessity cannot be compromised anyhow to  trivial matters.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com