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Fresh move to end Khulna city waterlogging

Fresh move to end Khulna city waterloggingKhulna, June 30 : Khulna City Corporation (KCC) has worked out a Tk 843,84 crore mega project, aiming to resolve the city’s perennial waterlogging problem.

A proposal for the project titled ‘Drainage system development project for resolving waterlogging in KCC’ was sent to the Local Government Ministry on Tuesday for its approval.

The project works include dredging nine rivers, including the Mayur River and renovation of its banks, reconstruction of eight sluicegates, construction of big drains in a 62-km area while small ones in another 128-km area on both sides of nine main roads of the city.

Under the project, three hanging bridges will be constructed over the Mayur River.

KCC chief planning officer Abirul Jabbar said a Tk 100 crore project was taken earlier aiming to end the waterlogging problem, but later some additional works have been included in the project as per the directive of the newly elected mayor. “We hope, the project work will start soon after the ministry gives its clearance,” he said.

Sources at the KCC said the city dwellers have long been demanding a solution to the waterlogging problem and a project was taken in 2013 to meet their demand.

Under the project, they said, the dredging work of 12 rivers, including the Mayur, was done. But the Mayur got silted up again within two years for various irregularities in the works, resulting in waterlogging in the city, he said.

Under the new project, Tk 240 crore will be allocated for the construction of primary drains over a 62-km area while Tk 451 crore for the construction of secondary drains over 128-km area of the city.

Besides, the project works include dredging work of the Mayur River and seven canals involving Tk 30.66 crore. The canals are Khetrakhali, Charichara, Harintana, Narkelbaria, Taltala, and a canal from Nursing Institute to Mayur and Labanchora No 2 Sluicegate.

KCC executive engineer Mashiuzzaman Khan said the project was taken under a master plan, and there will be no waterlogging in the city on completion of the project.

New Mayor Talukdar Abdul Khalek said, “I’ll take over on September 26 but I’m trying to have Ecnec nod to the project.”