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Nuclear  and radioactivity

Fatema Miah:

In the previous article I explained Atom and it’s functional elements, and radioactivity.  Let’s, talk about Nuclear power station and Nuclear Waste.

We have taken electricity for grated,  most citizen across the  world aren’t even aware of vast process behind the electricity we use. World must be educated on electric generating process to be appreciative and to be responsible when  using electricity.

There are many different power stations across the world producing power as the electricity for us, at the same time as well as Nuclear Reactors are the production to our  rocket science vehicles and also known as the biggest contributors to ballistic  weaponeries.

In any  processed energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed from one  into another, the total amount of energy is said to be conserved. There are chemical energy from food  and Solar energy from Sun.

Nuclear power stations produces radioactive waste. Radioactive waste is a biggest concern  for earths present time and the  future. Handling and restoring radioactive waste is a highly cost matter and a factor of safety measure.

Radioactive waste remains radioactive for ten, hundred and thousands of years.  There are different types of radioactive waste.  The waste are items from the clothing won by workers at the power plant to the rods that are used in the power station functioning.

There are different schemes used in different countries and all classified into three classified categories. They are low, intermediate and high level waste. Even the low level waste takes few hundred  years to decontaminate.

Intermediate and high level takes ten to hundred thousands years to decontaminate.  The process of decontamination of  waste items is allowed  to cool off then gets  buried underground. The burrial of waste is called the repository.

There is a  robotic system been created and about to be functioning for cleaning the core of radioactive functioning at the UKs Dounreay Scotland’s power plantation. It is on the process of 30 years for decommissioning  the  power plantation that activated for 40 years.

The radioactive waste would need to be stored forever. The reactors at power plant stations produces thousands tonnes of radiative waste. In Canada low level waste held for a while for the radioactivity to come down and then get desposed  in landfills and sewer system.

The intermediate waste gets put in geological Repository held for upto ten years. After that it gets restored  into various of  concrete containers for indefinitely. The high level is burried deep underground in remote areas contained in concrete.

It seems there is a high risk from radioactive repository  to the earth in the future. Earthquake can blow off, split open the ground, and cause the radioactive waste to re-emerge to earth surface. If the Radioactive waste leeks into sea or ocean it will  be highly dangerous to marine lives and coral reefs .

The best solution to radioactive waste is to recycle. It is suggestable solution  to do SMART work,  to create other functioning gadget to refuse the radioactive material to reproduce more renewable energy. To be able to do that further training, funds and more educational researches need to be in place.

In USA Yucca mountain repository project was removed in 2009 due to protest from the people of Nevada against governments plan of nuclear waste repository. People claimed the mountain isn’t big enough for the waste repository also it likely to put public’s lives in danger.

Overall, the energy we use is provided by the national grid. The energy utilises from coal, gas, nuclear, wind and solar. Next article will enlighten the incident in Fukushima.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com