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Nuclear power plants disasters and Fukushima

Fatema Miah:

Both my sons studying Physics, One at University and youngest at 6th form. To be able to keep up with discussion and to be on the same page I joined this Physics research group of Nuclear physicists, professionals, experts, educators and genre enthusiasts.  Here it continues from last two articles:

There were incidents  at power plant Nuclear stations. Out of all,  here are three different meltdown incidents of three different power plants. The worse disastrous and well known one was the Fukushima in Japan in 2011. The other two were Three Miles Island in USA and Chernobyl in Europe.

Out of these three nuclear disasters here are two incidents  of meltdown are being compared and been topic of discussion as teaching subject matter. The subject enthusiasts seems to believe there is a similarity of both incidents.

I comprehend  both the  incidents are two different types. I cannot seems to see the two incidents can be linked per the nature of reason of the incidents because the Three Miles Ireland incident clearly  was a mere incident of accidental occurrence.

Whereas there wasn’t sufficient prior knowledge on likelihood of such failure, further to that in such specific subject specialism field there is a core matter of responsibility and designated role of authoritarianism in placed.

People there usually work under command of instruction and due to work load and pressure, the workers do not wonder off their obligated tasks, neither allowed to question outside their tasks (so in both incident it is the top directors are responsible,) there.

It could be  only few top operators/ directors or our top physicists lack of knowledge on safety test caused it. It is said that since this incident from it safety procedure has become part of teaching subject  later on.

When the meltdown happened at Thee Miles Ireland power plant nuclear station, out of 12000 people that were planned to evacuate, 4800 self evacuated. A large number of death was caused due to failure of knowledge and efficiency.

About Chernobyl’s meltdown  it seems this was clearly irresponsible game like testing has been conducted in slow motion, it is a matter of complacency without efficient  prompt and caused death to 31 people. Although plantation closed down, it will email radioactive for 100 years.

From the power plant meltdown  radiation escaped and spread to local environment.  The exposed radiation  there  effecting the living beings and the human, children are most effected from the radiation. Ukrainian children suffer from dysfunctional thyroid.

The disasters and deaths  could have been avoided by SMART safety plan and precaution. The Three Miles Ireland Such large numbers of death could have been prevented with alarm and safety check and Chernobyl by efficiency and prompt.

Both incidents took place by reactors failure. It was pure accident at Three Miles Ireland power Plant reactor.  There was no safety check service  in place. They had no Expertsm  neither had prior knowledge about any mechanical malfunctioning.  The Chernobyl failure happened while testing.

How could it be allowed to do a test on Nuclear power reactor  without any proper safety protection or plan of evacuation of human? Undoubtedly, It is obvious that it  was a deliberate planned test and  anticipated deaths, in another word killing by neglence and due to incompetency.

Now our Nuclear experts and educators explaining that  by making comparative arguments that Nuclear incidents are rare, which is true and more people are dying in USA every year while getting up from chairs that’s is also statistically true.

The Fukushima Power plant in Japan, it’s meltdown is rather a totally  different cause. In 2011 high nine magnitude earthquake stroke Japan. Their power plant reactors had built in diesel safety systems the mechanism performed well.

Followed on the tsunami that was higher than the protective walls flooded and damaged the plant generators and became unable to coolant pumps after many attempts of few days reactors suffered chemical explosion not nuclear explosion.

The meltdown of reactors leaked radioactive fissions and chemicals into the environment and water. Japanese authorities efficiency is praise worthy admirable. 20 miles area was evacuated and radiation was cleared up and they claiming there is very few health issues  from Fukushima meltdown so fa, though the water is a concerning  issue in Japan.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com