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Reformation and inequality.

Fatema Miah:

The ministers and the government reshuffled to budget and have as usual targeted the vulnerable categorical group of aging people again. The pension age increased again. It was me and my age group  twice on the raw in the past two decades have been picked up, goal post moved and increased the retirement age for state pension. Reformation they call it.

They moved  the goal post again against a hard working and early aged employed group of citizens those majority took up employment from mid to late teen age, in the Conservative government era under John Major. Then the Labour came in and most UK work shifted to out side UK and caused job crises here in UK. Then Blair government did make advantages to some groups; most non UK contribution makers,  new comers and advantage takers were benefitted.

Back to conservative and crises continued and more disadvantages to citizens were caused. NHS deprived and citizens health let to suffer. Some had advantages many ways. There was a gap to be played with the system, matter of knowing the game. Tax categories poorly placed and business twicked and twisted with tax code and payrolls; stocks, sell, employees tax code and salary / income band. There a culture of grouping or segregational part maintained, while diversity is claimed and demanded falsely.

Back to the new topic reformation on state Pension scheme that talked about  in  July 2017, the equality of rights  topic was also uttered. The equality of right is talked about and gender of female,  inability; ill health and race black and ethnic minority was mentioned to be taken into consideration. Seemingly, or obvious factor  of category remain here is the white male. Understandably the equality of rights is claimed against white well-heath male.

A questions came to my mind initially, straight away at the point of mentioning equality of  rights with those above mentioned considerable categories. I thought;

Is it fair to target or separate white well- health male category?

Is it right, that equal right is claimed against white well-health male?

Is the percentage and ability of white well-health men/male looked up rightly?

Is white well-health men category responsible for fiscal conduct and or inequality?

A quick Empathy brew in me, for the sake of fairness of equality not to be unfair or unequal towards   the white well- health male (in my term) category, oh! it opened up shocking salary band secrets. It is white well-health males, a minority white men are been paid a vast sum of Money in the name of Salary they call it. BBC pay scale opened up and revealed few white men have been paid a salary of multi million pounds.

Phew! A large sum of multi million pounds salary paid by BBC to Chris Even  Radio presenter  and Gary Linekar the former foot baller. Such large sum paid for what? A voice and a face? It is a blackmailing  randsum in the name of salary, by rubbing the poor giving to the rich. The license fee payer British Citizens money paid into the accounts of rich extravagant beings while the license paying citizens are deprived of basic essential; health care, balance essential diet, prescribed medicine, decent housing, minimum wage to feed a family or individual selves.

Furthermore, the citizens state pension is at stake. After struggles for job, depriving life and stress, where health care is also compromised, at the later age same group will face a pension crises.

Are we Britain modernised?

Are we democratic to a decent level? What is equality here for British citizen?

There is a huge gap in the salary scale. Male and white English continues on the salary scale down list. The gender gap in salary is huge. The highest a women representer  gets is a quarter of male. The black and other ethnic groups are way below down the list. Even the news team work across the world, risking their lives everyday in war zones, climate cataspriphical areas are paid  so little, like a fraction of highest salary band.

It comes back to remind, the justice is suffering here.  When justice suffers injustice spreads like disease. Misplaced equality used is equality abused. Equality abused bore damages. Human right applied and protected radicalised hateful terrorists while general public let to deprivation, resulted to devastation. Terrorism born, and active, and is threat to country’s and global security.  As result of War on terror costing trillions. Overall, destitute are more deprived and more suffering.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com