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Astronautic Science: UFO, Alien and  thought of colonisation to outer Space

Fatema Miah:

Thought of colonisation into outer space been triggered in, for such desire with eagerness, process made through assessing with scientific expertise knowledge  to test its viability.

Our scientific orientation focusing back to 80s  topic Alien. Alien was the advance scientific subject of top hot topic of conversation in 70s and 80s.  The understanding of  science and  amusement was   science fiction. It drawn interest of the entire human kind and triggered the passion of scientificness  into an entire generation and enticed the faith into  galaxies of milkyway. And why not!  since that was an era of science and technology advancement that the technology advancement fulfilled being into computerisation.

The contemporary generation is living in technology life was continuation production success of then. I lived and been continual part of the techno functioning to todays tech mad era here in UK its self.  The Technology advancement have disabled the current generation, and disinterested them off wider repertoire, narrowed their focus down,  led them to laziness and as well caused them mood effected, withdrawn.

In our generation, The voyage  idea to the space meeting with other species idea rooted into our human psyche and imagination triggered in. The alienation and sci-fi interest triggering genre was biggest hits then. UFO was the hot topic then.  Last year through news we  returned back to the chapter Alien again.  It was “Alien believers claim US astronaut Scott Kelly, who is the first person to attempt to spend a year in orbit, was “trying to tell the world about the existence of aliens” without actually saying anything, as they are convinced NASA is involved in an intergalactic cover up to hide the truth about UFOs from the masses.”

Our earthy telescope spotted sign of original or the past few decades old idea of possible Existence Aliens on the space, on our Milkyway.   Mr Kelly tweeted the picture of India from more than 200 miles above the Earth with the simple message “Day 233. Once upon a #star over Southern India. GoodNight from @space_station! YearInSpace.” “But UFO chasers were quick to point out an “anomaly” towards the top right.”

Recent few years has been a big wasye  on to political manipulation and terrorism. It took entire worlds effort and drawn a lot of attention  out and caused regress, diverted interest and focus out of astronomic scientific  to atomic nuclear and warfare. However, NASA and other space team telescopes and satellites  have been in their  mission with their teams on the extraterritorial dimension.

Furthermore,  new development that research shown an unexpected and unanticipated result of possible human reproduction of our offspring in the space. The radiation in space is 100 times more than the earth, it was assumed and believed, embryos would be able to survive in the space atmosphere though it turned out very unexpected result to be likely yet.

Researched carried out and it has successful outcome. Eggs, sperms and embryos’ of fruit fly and fish were sent to space, had experiment on them. The egg and sperm successfully made reproduction  into embryos’  and they survived according to Adam Watkins science reporter, published in Independent, in May 2017. However, the development of the embryos  might be slower in the space than here on earth due to the difference of atmosphere and radiation.

Scientists are assured of human migration to the space, to live as couple,  male and female be able to conduct mating and reproduction, as pregnant animals bee sent  to space and tested on.  There is no report of whole process of pregnancy stages and after giving birth stage yet. It is a long way away before human can have full circle of conceiving to pregnancy to final healthy giving birth in that atmosphere of high radiation 100  times higher than here earth.

While the colonisation to space is thought about, reproduction at the same time thought about. The concerning factor is high rate radiation that effects  the DNA. The age of male and female  is matter of thought. The radiation causes ageing effects, which is 100 times higher there in the space, so it will age our male and female to plus 100  in that case what about the effect on fertility?  Report indicates the space travel have had sigh of weakening in sperm.  It seems to  show no sign of erotica  desire in astronauts during space travel.

Report also shows experiment done on rats giving birth in space.  Pregnant rats been sent to space to give  birth and the atmosphere there with volatile high rated radiation caused birth  contraction twice as much as here on earth. The research however doesn’t disclose what happened to the rats at post natal stage, neither any indication of new born survival chances. It seems obvious that both post natal mother and new born fragile had martyrdom as result of high rate radiation atmosphere and due to correct nursing facilitation yet to discover  and to make it function.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com