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December:  Principles, values and festival -West – Bengalis

Fatema Miah:

The Christmas vibe began with December.  Everywhere we see Christmas lighting, banners, decors, and presents reawakens the festive vibes in hearts and minds of people. Santa Grottos mythical legacy drives at forefront.  Shops and leisure centres been playing the 80s popular Christmas songs. Christmas is a seasonal traditional customery festivity celebrated by people due to being accustomed to.

Santa Claus, the father Christmas, interestingly a role model of giving in this miserable dark cold winter term, to cheer children up. Adults play happily and participate in to keep the tradition of giving presents to cheering  up. Santa Clause in correct form was the Saint Nicholas, who went out to cheer people up  in this hauling mid winter weather by giving  gifts, being a Christian he celebrated Christmas as the Birth of Christ. (The saints disapproved Pubs and there is a long twisty tale linking it with few positives and negatives.)

Nowadays, athiesm gradually taking over and Christianity dying off, now Christmas is a seasonal festive tradition.  In this whole traditional game, what’s meant to be to cheer people up,  there is unnecessary extravagancy and waste, where, there are living being and human are still deprived and miserable, unassisted and uncared.  Anyway, question about Christmas, was Christ born on the 25th of December? Is Christmas Christian thing related to Christ? Historians and consensus expert researchers have talked on it that 25th December came from Greek mythology integrated into later found faith Christianity. Living that’s aside, Christmas is about fun festival to be cheered in the Miserable winter season.

Nativity plays relating to Jesus’ miracle Birth been made into accustom for milleniums and continued.  Question is, knowing Christmas time has nothing to do with Jesus and Santa, it is a trick for children that our Muslim people argue that the westeners waste on fake and trick their children, is it morally wrong?  Morally, I believe it’s not morally  wrong having fun celebration to keep the cheering up specially, in Western Hemisphere of shortest cold dark winter days, as long as there is no harm caused to others and positive is the tale of Jesus and God’s  Miracle gets reiterated every year.  A disciplinary time table maintained, children and adults are bound to put up with a strategy plan of meetings and greetings.

In terms of waste or extravagancy, it’s peoples nature and by bringing awareness of others suffering, moderation lessons and thoughtfulness can be encouraged. The extravagancy and wanting and wasting isn’t new neither only western, it’s everywhere. In terms of Saitan the Iblis as we believers believe it’s influence is in extravagancy and false accustomery tradition, it’s true, though, when it’s not harmful to any living being it’s fine. My coinaged phrase “art of acceptance is to know what is acceptable” needs exercised.  Saitans the Ibis’ influence is doing worse harm in Believers world. Hatred working from jealousy and killing for zeal. There,  Muslims hypnotised into IS, Arab extravagancy and arrogancy obvious and no need to talk about.

Here Pakistani peoples subconscious  games, Play of Islam toy, and decades of manipulation and lies   also a customery style became norm.  Some Pakistani women, one is Afia Aqub in solihull, said about Pakistani evil lies and torturing me,  “ misunderstanding, it’s Saitan to be blamed”. Yes, Saitan the Iblis again makes people to act to their worse level and Pakistanis, Muslims, Asians and Africans  proving worse of heartless, malice evils. Let’s look at what Saitan making people to do and who are going to down to worse of all levels. Arab people suffering, west blamed, what about Arab leaders and wealthy regions? Where is Saitans work more? Saitan makes me to disgust Arab ill minded selfish arrogant beings, Pakistani manipulative sick minded Liers, and  mind loss Bengali Muslims and others and so called culture pretending rigid and those faking and loose westernised. What is needed is, awaken minds and thoughtful hearts to be conscious about understanding of not to be bias.

About  Bengalis. Is it in confusion?

*A group reluctant of self Muslim identity with Muslim names and are shy of being Muslims.

*A group dismissive of rationality and hitting hard with Islam as if they are only Muslim and rationality would be crime when they live in fear of Saitans misleading, being dismissive they are cling into Saitan.

*And few Hindus seem mind lost or confused  about Muslims.

A balance and understanding is needed. Word moderation is suitable in festivity and celebration not to go over board to avoid unnecessarily wastage. Moderation anyhow is a wrong phrase and unsuited to a morally validated faith, specially about Islam, there cannot be word for Islam for moderate Muslim. Whether someone is a lazy of practice or well engaged, or managing by balancing the practices and chores, in all situations s/he is a Muslim with different sects.  And back to Bengalis and December. There Is a truth about Bangladesh suffered, they did it using name Islam when Majority Bengalis in it were Muslims performed Islam.

My eldest son said in 2007, “oh mum, the Bengali hero who made Bangladesh independent, was a great person and best of leadership, way better than lots of world leaders, because he had to struggle to establish a kind of platform, when this place now is Bangladesh was oppressed under Pakistan. His name was Mr Rahman, still Muslim people didn’t think Bengalis were Muslims. He was arrested lots of time for talking of democracy.” God bless my son expressed his comprehension of manipulation and misleading after a history lesson from school here in UK. Pakistani women’s devil magic, zeal attacks were casted on my loving sons because of angel innocent Childs rational understanding ability, jolliness and advancement.

Those people, restricted their children, deprived their children with toys statemented that I was doing Haram, allowing my sons having choice of and varieties of toys that’s forbidden. My sons, passed age of toddler understood Santa wasn’t real. After the age of seven knew truth about Christmas, thus are respective of others  celebrating Christmas.  My sons disapprove and hate IS ideology, dislike radicalisation, ethic respective and supportive of democracy.  I Fatema Miah  while praising Allah saying my son being my mehram, and my both sons  (seemingly raised as like English boys)  brought up with regular Islamic practices, maintaining Islamic principles and  are Alhajj already at this young age.  Alhamdulillah.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com