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Seminar to be held in Brussels on Bangladesh genocide

Bangla Mirror Desk:

A delegation from the Europe based Bengali diaspora organisation European Bangladesh Forum (EBF) recently met up with officers of South Asia Democratic Forum (SADF) in Belgium to highlight and draw attention of European community to Bangladesh’s genocide of 1971.

The meeting took place in a Brussels venue on 28 November where EBF’s President Ansar Ahmed Ullah & Vice President Bikash Chowdhury Barua said during Bangladesh’s’ War of 1971 the occupying Pakistani forces started killing innocent people on the night of 25 March 1971 calling it “Operation Searchlight”. The genocide, that lasted nine month until their defeat in December, included ruthless massacre, senseless and wanton loots, arson, rape of Bengali women, forced pregnancy of Hindu women and deliberate killing of Hindu males to exterminate Bengali Hindus as a race, and pre planned killings of intellectuals and professionals like doctors, engineers, civil servants, students and social workers and burying them in mass graves. They said this was probably the second biggest killing in modern human history carried out by Pakistani military.

Paulo Casaca Executive Director of the South Asia Democratic Forum (SADF) said that he was aware of Bangladesh being born out of Genocide, and as long as those responsible for these crimes remains unpunished, the whole fabric of a state of law where human dignity stands at its core is jeopardised.

He added only on the basis of justice it is possible to envisage peace and reconciliation. Any solution that is not based in justice is bound to cause the repetition of the phenomena that managed to go by in impunity.

Others who took part in the discussion were SADF’s Research Director from Germany Dr Siegfried Wolf, Research Asst from the US Susan Guarda, Akshey Sharma from Poland, SADF’s Manager Stephen Lampe from Germany and Jamal Khan, General Secretary of UK Nirmul Committee.

They agreed to hold an event in March 2019 in the European capital to highlight Bangladesh’s genocide and to seek the support of world community to bring the perpetrators to justice.