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Bangladesh ranks 25th in global terrorism index

Bangladesh has been ranked in 25th position in the 2018 Global Terrorism Index.

This is an improvement on the previous years as Bangladesh is among the four nations in South Asia that have experienced decline in terror attacks.

Bangladesh climbed down four spots to the level of countries experiencing medium impact of terrorism, ranking 25th among 163 countries with a score of 5.697 out of 10.

Last year, Bangladesh scored 6.181 and was placed at 21st.

The index published by the Institute of Economics and Peace showed that Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka have shoed improvement in security even though the overall terror impact in South Asia has worsened.

Afghanistan, Pakistan and India are amongst the ten countries most impacted by terrorism.

The report mentioned that the largest recent terrorist attack in Bangladesh occurred in 2016, when an armed assault in Dhaka killed 28 people. ISIL later claimed responsibility for the attack.

The report by the Australian think-tank emphasised the need for global investment to ensure national security, citing as example measures to prevent violent extremism in Bangladesh.