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RMG unrest: 10 injured in Ashulia

A total of 10 people got injured on Sunday when police charged batons and used water cannons to disperse the RMG workers who blocked the Dhaka-Tangail highway in Ashulia protesting disparity in their new wage structure.

Hundreds of garment workers took to the streets in Jamgora area of Ashulia around 8:00am and blocked the Dhaka-Tangail highway, halting vehicular movement.

Police dispersed them by charging batons and using water cannon around 9:30am.

The traffic movement started on the highway following police intervention.

The workers were seen taking position at different points of Ashulia after police dispelled them.

The government is expected to announce a revised wage structure for RMG workers of grades 3, 4 and 5, in efforts to quell the labour unrest.