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Uyghur minority being executed

Fatema Miah:
Not only Human right being violated, it is the case of an ethnic minority, human being, Uyghur tribe a minority group of people are abused and executed under political oppression by a large demographic progressive nation the todays advanced, worlds super power China.
Checking from the consensus report of past decades, the population of Uyghur minority tribe of Chinese citizens are shown to be in extinct, lessen day by day. Uyghur tribal Chinese citizens are living in tortured state, oppressed, caused suffering and being killed horrendously by abuses after abuses. Let alone to allow their basic human right, contrary Uyghur ethnic tribal people are horrendously being tortured to death by their government.
Such inhumane ongoing attrocities are heart-breaking for us the responsible western developed and modernised to fair and humane society. Urgent attention and action is must to prevent furthering any more shame on our human rights against humanity. It must immediately be stopped and Chinese government and authority must be brought to face justice for such violation.
China is todays worlds progressive market to international trade. UK, Europe and USA the Geneva convention signatory, United Nation human right observation organisation collaborators are reticent and turned deaf ears on such ongoing attrocities, despite the horrendous planned systematic tortures to kill has been known. There are Uyghurs tribal people taken Asylum in Western countries.
Our entire human right teams are focused upon Middle East as if they are technologically programmed to do so. Arab women draw our attention with their some legitimate concern issues as well as with any random nonsense hormonal reactive echoes, while there are genuine case of genocides are left unspoken. Arab teenage girl can cause issue against family by breaking family ethics and we Britain on standby anticipated with gazing open eyes and ready to build mountain of molehill.
About Uyghur tribe, it is the case of planned “text book type” ethnic cleansing perpetrated by Worlds super power China, progressive and rich China. We are contributing to furthering their wealth by investing and marketing their goods instead of to boycott China totally.
Uyghurs are mass arrested and imprisoned and jam packed in cells causing suffocation, and systematic ongoing tortures placed on them. China not only exterminating Uyghur tribal culture also horrendously killing Uyghur people by torturing.
Some detainees been released through diplomatic channels therefore such cruelty isn’t closed up in enclosed container to be totally unknown to human right organisations then why are we silent still? So I here coinage a phrase that the art of human right acts must be truthfully with care to fight for human rights against inhumanity.
China cannot be allowed to be internationally collaborate in the worlds market while at the same time are perpetrating genocide of an ethnic tribe with systematic planned cruelty. The Uyghur detainees must be released immediately and given them medical help and support to build their lives. Chinese authorities must be called to international court of justice for genocide, cruelty and human right violation. Until then world must Boycott China
Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com