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India Pakistan conflict 2019

Fatema Miah:

Bangali brother, a fellow Sylhety Muslim messaged; read the articles, and I had to reply, yes, laughed. I messaged him back,  don’t forget Rohyngya crises still on, not ended yet, they need help, aid and rescue. And there Uyghur minority tribe not helped, no much  attention given to yet and oppression continued. Now Pakistanis want Muslim cry, if you feel like Muslim cry there are many issues out there needs attention. Pakistani need Bangalis now for false Muslim cry. I don’t have false Muslim tears for shedding over Kashmere conflict for Pakistan.  Yes, it’s sad and bad for both sides.  The messages, would, you believe they aren’t fabricated and exaggerated by Pakistanis? I cannot trust them to be truthful after what they have done to my ethnic land, now Bangladesh. My grandfathers worked for Muslim league. My late Ulama paternal Uncle Alhaj Gulhar Ali dedicated his life for Muslim league and ended up died in 1985 from misery of Pakistanis misleading.

For me its all from Solihull and SMCA, probably the Worse human association they call themselves Muslims. I ache from head to toe even thinking about the people there. They, I seen are Pakistanis  mainly and some Arabs and few others. The dominant are Pakistanis and men named Pakistani origin cheated and by deceiving took entire large sum of Mosque fund. ( Not the only mosque cheating case by Pakistanis.) Women, do they have a single logical explanation of their evil, haram lie made up gossiping back biting and spreading rumours, manipulated and encouraged to

wronged most, they call themselves Muslims.

It’s all begins with jealousy, Zeal, controlling, assumption  and mammal nature, one woman say misunderstanding after decade of ill and evil that she witnessed several times, and what can they not talk to make people to correct. No, they can’t that human thing, they are not human, I found them all vicious minded sick. They want everything, their way, and by belittling others, (it’s me I talk about). It’s SMCA people here in Solihull UK, I experienced.  How, should I take Kasmere Pakistani people there in this conflict in Kashmere can be truth speaking? Oh, they denied and still play justifying the attack in Bangladesh in 1971. I am murmuring to my self here. I remained silent over this Karshmere 2019 conflict. There Indians are very displeased against Pakistan, thus, no, against Muslims. What? Pakistan and Muslims not one thing as I repeatedly kept reiterating.

Back to Muslim tears, to cry as Muslims, they  call for international attention and in it, who else cares for Pakistan or take Pakistanis as normal on even level. Indians don’t like them totally, so it’s Bangalis in UK, USA and in Europe left to be friendly with Pakistanis being polite like myself.  They drawing UK Bangalis attention about Kashmere conflict. There, they claim that Pakistani public, women and children are harrassed by Indian Army.  Is it really the case as they saying? What, enquiring and investigating should be allowed and do the people there cooperate with investigation? Women and children they are  giving sake of, it makes you compel, yes, if stories are true as they saying, is bad. Then would they think once that in 1971 in Bangladesh, did they give  thought about women and children?  About Indians, are well rational to the international eyes, way better than Pakistanis. .There are terrorists groups, not single,  plural even the Pakistani  government officials admitting that and some arrest been made by Pakistani officials. Laughter is,  how comes the terrorists are found and arrests made by Pakistani officials after it’s escalated to such conflict?  May be Pakistanis needs such approach.

Some people created pamphlets and circulating by text messages saying there are Indian brutality in Jammu and Kashmere and they ordering a boycott of Indian products and to buy  products from Pakistani and  Muslim countries. India has more Muslims than most Muslim countries and more than Pakistan and Bangladesh together.  What Pakistani product is here and edible, greesy and  bitterly  spiced pickle and Chilli?  Do pakistanis understand flavour, and nutrition, would they  admit that they are far from varieties? Malaysia is list able. Anyhow, Is that a chance for Pakistan to push in with to sell  their tasteless by dismissing  others exceptional wide ranges? To boycott India for what, attacking  malicious terrorists harrassing, torturing and killing Pakistani ordinary people and exercising their might for evil desire?

Pakistan deceived world for many centuries. Imran Khans uncle Niazi was in Dhaka in 1971, lived there for years and had been malicious evil to the people in Dhaka.  Imran Khan begging before Bangladesh that they tried to crush down. They need to learn,  for that they need to wake up and look around,  acknowledge the truth about themselves. Oh, what Pakistan word has done magic spell to all country people being  infected ill minded like zionistsm ignorant, to be blind ego with low mentality that they want to treat others down?  Pakistanis are Pakistanis world must know that, not Muslins, and why Muslim and Islam to be dragged in to use as weapon? Pakistan has nuclear and artillery weapons for their war and defense so let them be in use.

Let Pakistanis learn human lesson, not false acting of know it all, and always to be controlling by hook or by crook, by putting others down and take every place not at credential , by tactics, by changing and confusing, black magic  and tricks everywhere.  Thus, their tactics don’t work with India. Kashmere has been a pending issue and ongoing conflicts been there since Partition of India. Did Pakistan Making bodies want  Kashmere? No. Jinnah wanted a Pakistan handkerchief size, the pushtonistan was original then why they want Kashmere? Even Punjab, Sind, Multan and Karachi  don’t  match Pakistanism attitude and culture.  These places with Ancient and middle era Hindu symbols, mustn’t they be returned to Hindu people together with Kashmere?

Pakistan developed nuclear weapon in competition with India with support of Saudi and USA, while their public are deprived. So, let them use their armoury and exercise their nuclear power, 2019 might be the year for it.  Baluch want their freedom, where they never had human right in Pakistan. Pushtunistan they wanted from British and still under Pakistani oppression. How Kashmere can be given to Pakistan when they cannot handle other regions, or deal by accepting differences? Kashmere is mountainous with nature that Hindu vedic linking and Hindu sadu and Rishi meditate in mountains. Pakistani people claim Muslims, need stony, desert type and  Registan to roaming with weaponeries and to blast off their nuclear missile.

Malayla is another Pakistani tactics, what is she, Pakistani thread world nurturing to raise up against the world somewhere?  Time will tell. Pakistani tricks to entire world will remain forever as long as Pakistan remain. .  Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com