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Climate issue – solution  

Fatema Miah:

We are seeking solution to  climate issues and some intelligents and experts have come up with ideas  fro  experiments. Our environmentalists in demonstration for Climate Solution in their banners saying change the politics not the Climate.  Well, Climate Change is inevitable and has been changing throughout Milleniums, centuries and decades. And the future changes of Climate is also inevitable, nature changes by its own law. We human have been adding to the climate damages by our activities in the past centuries. Equally, politics has been changing throughout centuries and decades to match the environment and time, from places to places. Yes, politics is under our human law-making control what can be altered instantly,  the climate contrary has not instantly alterable  it needs time to result to solution of instant actions.

Technical inventions have been worked out and methods been implemented and exercised passionately, and resulted to such climate concern state. Since Climate Concern is a rising issue, further technical methods been sort to tackle climate issue. Geoengineering is the current sort method and by it there are two options in it, the Biomass and the Biochar.  Biomass is to store the carbon into the underground, beneath the ground to lock away.  Question is what is expected to happen to the biomass stored emmission? Can we not try to bent out into the space out of the atmosphere to release or let off the co2 emission? After all the Earth seems to have limitations every how. Here we need to be prepared with plan to deal with water level rise that is a big factor concern and prominent.

When we are talking about restoring carbon beneath ie, underground doesn’t it pose other threats as well as like the concern of will be blowing  out in the near future, would it not cross counter with other implementation  aspects such as gas, oil and municipal water supply engineering, and also the nuclear burried waste is already concern issue for the future. Here we are talking of concern about co2 emmission, why don’t we stop nuclear abuses; arm and air battle armoury ?  War continues for decades and more new air conflicts began now between India and Pakistan resulting to additional Co2 emission adding to atmosphere. There Myanmar openly while being under our British train ship exercising their arms against their own a minority citizen. Saudi Arabia UK s best friend deny climate issue. Arab region refuse to cooperate in climate matter.

To tackle co2  carbon emmission more photosynthesis plantation need to sort.  CAM plants have strong  stamina to absorb light, it keeps its antenna close during the night, sacks carbondioxide and retain it. Opens it’s antenna in the sunlight, during the day and makes its photosynthesis process. Grass type tough leaves plants, like pineapple, rice and tarfgrass are CAM group of plants. Pineapple plants are draught prove and highly photosynthesis plant can survive in draught effected and desert area. Bambo plantation is part of grass family, fastest growing plants, quick reproductive, multi useable and has vast photosynthesis process.  Large woody trees are photosynthesise, they suck up large volume of carbondioxide, co2 omission and reprocess and release oxygen into the air. Large woody trees are on extinct due to inadequate minerals. High volume of carbon emission in the atmosphere polluting the air and the carbondioxide in air rising in temperature effecting the water circle coolent.

The seaweeds have photosynthesis process that’s responsible to process for  the sea coolent and water circle. The oceans and sea pollution increased in the recent years due to not been taken care to maintain pollution free, the reefs corals are dying being unable to cope the pollution and raising temperature from rising emission falling into reefs.  The cause of sea pollution are many. The oil leaks, dead sea lives, drainages, debris causing extra pollution. The long accumulated pollution and carbondioxide cannot be exterminated at once. To prevent further damages, and to bring gradual effective process, the best solution is to plan clean  sea and ocean environment. Also plant extra CAM plants. To do pineapple vegetation in desert areas. To reproductively plant Bamboo plantation bushes across Europe and Asia. As well as, having law on fuel type, transpiration option, must  dig up deep holes in ground for waste lines, and to imply strong rule for safely discard  oil and chemical items, to prevent the pollution as well as carbondioxide co2 emission.  By the way, why China and other states burning for coal not pushed hard to stop coal burning and to adopt geoengineering and renewables method to produce energy and to promote farming land at the same time?

Water and food both factors are problematic either too much or too little causing suffering to lives. Some people consume too much due to having plenty and varieties available in reach of availability or affordability. With rising carbon emission and sea level the food chain is a big topic. Land for  crops must be protected. More vegetation growing must be encourages globally and help and support to be provided to grow more grain and vegetation. Best option is to eat at moderate level for nutrition. Meat consumption must be lessen and fish and mostly vegetables options must be made into dietary plan. Fish as well as protein equivalent to meat, also makes scramcious dishes and environmentally friendly. Vegetables and grains produces carbohydrate into body and produces lasting energy.  People must be encouraged and taught to learn to cook at home and the supermarket packages must be reduced and discontinue because they produce unnecessary tons of waste.

The water level rise is a prominent and deadly damaging for climate and all beings because rising water level will submerge the land surface hat will effect the ecology as kill all insects, plants and cause loss of vegetation land will result to human suffering because there will be less food farming land and will cause shortage of food and living space for people.  With flooding and Hunger will compel people to migrate, climate migration is another concern factor. To prevent, if not totally preventable, it is recommendable to plan action for such matter.  A viable solution would be to protect the low level lands area as much as possible by barricades.  Also to make plan for the water; to divert to other locations by making waterways, to dig up land in certain places  to restore water by creating reservoirs and most importantly protect the fresh water don’t get mixed with salinity. The restored carbon emmission to be recycles as renewables.  Also to work together as one global team for the solution.

The other sort Geoengineering method is biochar, is to produce from the slow burning vegetation at a low oxygen environment, results to porous charcoal that helps soil retain their water, carbon and nutrients. Biochar believed to be a natural product has been found out from after forest fires. Using biochar will help as fertilizer to soil because of its nutrients and will make agriculture more water efficient. The method also looks like will help food security. Experiments have shown that land plots with biochar  have greater plant growth because of the enhanced nutrients and fertility.  Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com