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 ISIS Bride

Fatema Miah:

ISIS Bride has been a hot topic and continous. It is only about Shamima Begum. I previously wrote questioning where are the other IS women and the men?  Independent published about Tareena Shakil. It is angering matter and Shamima Begum wanted to get back to UK made it a big open topic. Sajid Javed stood  firm with decision to make ISIS supporters to face the consequences. UK revoked Shamimas UK citizenship.

Shamimas family wanted her back, and Shamima herself wanted to come back to UK to give birth to her child. Meanwhile she gave birth to her 3 rd child who passed away in Refugee Camp due to lacking of medical care. British Journalists and some other officials are sympathised with her.  It’s understandable she must be sad she lost her last child but for others it’s a very critical situation. Shamima left UK for terrorist group against UK.

Shamima in her interview let alone to show regret for going there  she rather advocating her decision was right and she asserting that there she had a good life and a desirable in fact best husband that she wouldn’t have been able to  find one here in UK. What? She was a kid left UK,  to be a child bride of terror group member that too, he probably was another person who was  trapped into such.

It’s such winding up topic. Shamima at the age of 15 already understood entire male hood, and she was desperate for her marriage  and decided hastily into a marriage immediately as do or die and left home and family behind to make a married life and she did successfully at the age of 15. Why her family already failed about any chance here in UK having any half decent males to be her husband worthy?

How many men she has been seeing here, already  to totally distaste her about UK males?  Most possibly none but surely she has been an adamant,  does as she wishes, and with overconfidence proves others wrong being self righteous.  Anyhow, was her decision any good for her or society? No. She is at the loss end.

In her certainty of her understanding that she wouldn’t have been able to find a husband like one she went for, it was, to some extent, its her family  have somehow shown her and made her understood her husband finding category to her like  in uk is next to impossible. Also family haven’t had a bond  to understand her.  Parents sown negative thought in her mind, her father is an undesirable or incapable man of some kind  she must have saw as, her mother surely is an adamant, narrow minded, self-righteous  and ignorant  woman but pitty seeking.

Shamima also wasn’t a good taught Muslim, so wrongly she took IS as Muslim thing that she said in her interview she became Islamic in that grooming. So wrong, due to lacking of Islamic knowledge Taking terrorism as Islamic. The malicious acts of cruelty she saying is Islamic norm.  I don’t know how Islam practising Sajid Javed is bit  such idiotic talk and careless attitude of Shamina must have wound up Sajid Javed to a firm decision.

The family wants her back, it’s understandable that it’s matter of  emotion, love and feelings. Shamima doesn’t seem to show care for her family, ever mother. All she wants her family to fight for her, even though she doesn’t have any regret about going for terror supporting environment. Shamima crying about non facilitated state in refugee camp, not about her own being as a child was enticed (deceived) to such state.

The grounded negative picture germinated by ISIS fertilizer; there was open wide world of new what teen girls seeking worked as air and the internet connection with familiarity of western and the new modernity idea of must fashion of converts to Islam, a little attachment to the background of self being worked as watering to grow the plant and there was work  of magic and tactics enticing worked as sun rays became fruitful.

Sajid Javed must apply the rule equally for everyone and as per our British standard there must be differentiation applied to take into  consideration of age and ability.  There are others returned from ISIS or brought back by arresting. Should their citizenship be revoked too and to give them Syrian Citizenship?  Shamima Begum was a 15 years old child, made into a bride and to bore children.  Tareena Shakil from Birmingham was 26 years of age and a mother of a toddler, she is released from jail. Tareena Shakil had well understanding ability age and adult experience therefore, she was mature and able for decision making.

Shamimas parents understandably are backward and ignorants not professionally responsible individuals failed to guide their child appropriately, nor had affirmed boundaries, or set up  role modelling but they seemingly aren’t radicalised nor terror supportive, unlike the other ISIS supporters.  The family blaming uk authority for not stopping Shamima a school child from going out of country on her own. It is a failure of UK authority I do believe, at least could have stopped her going out of country.   Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com