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Football on the menu as Neighbours in Poplar visit Calais Kitchen

Emdad Rahman:

Neighbours in Poplar have returned from a deployment to Calais, France, where a team of volunteers led by Sister Christine Frost spent a day at the Refugee Community Kitchen which serves hot, nourishing meals to displaced people on a daily basis.

After being met by Refugee Community Kitchen co-founder Steve Bedlam, the volunteers took part in cooking, cleaning, chopping wood and sorting clothes ahead of the daily distribution of hot food and essentials in Dunkerque in the afternoon. There was also football coaching for refugees in Calais.

Sister Christine Frost said, “The Refugee Community Kitchen has been feeding people without judgement since 2015 and we at Neighbours in Poplar are delighted to not only support their great efforts but also join in with tasks.

“Not only does Refugee Community Kitchen keep people happy and nourished but also provides a platform where all types of people can gather and connect.”

Since December 2015 Refugee Community Kitchen has served over two million meals. The team also serve hot food five nights a week and are committed to doing everything to make sure that no one goes hungry.


Neighbours in Poplar provide practical support and care for vulnerable people who are living at home, regardless of their faith, age, race, gender, culture, or disability. The team also provide disadvantaged children with breaks from their normal environment during the summer holidays.