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Perception and prejudice

Fatema Mia:

In this month of blessing Rajab, as well as miraculous night of journey and negotiation and  forgiving month. I love this month always fills my heart with joy, joy that (countless blessings to my eldest Prophet loving son, Jazakallahu khairaan wa kathiraan) we shared in his toddlerhood, his heartfelt love for prophet always glared up from his face and eyes,  talking about  the best of prophet Muhammed  pbuh and still does.  Both my sons do love Prophet Mohammed. Sallahhu ala Muhammad sallalahu alaihi wa Salam.

The night of Journey in our (mother and toddlers term) the journey to the infinity and beyond, ( yes, the term my little baby picked up from carton the pinky and the brain from cartoon network.  When talked to him telling the story of Mehraj, we had this term as our communication orientation method, and Pegasus was another term we used as exemplary image for Burak the heavenly mammal. Allah pour tons of blessing to that Angel for his love and to both  my sons. Ameen.

Through his glary eyes I saw the glory of the seven heavens up there.  The same we continued and shared with my youngest son. My eldest with such passion and dedicatedly used to give the same message to his little brother,  he explained  his heart felt perception of love and affirm belief to his brother, to teach him. Oh, SubhanAllah.  (Ya  Allah accept that dawah.).  My sons had local Solihull English friends and so easily maintained diversity respect simultaneously being themselves and still doing the same. Alhamdulillah.

I still feel the happiness that feels my heart with light of joy, meraj, my eldest always celebrated as happiest as a toddler, and continued. Allah, with your love and love of prophet pbuh  in heart endured enounously. Jazakallahu khairaan, bless them both Ya Allah. We are talking about the Night Israat according to the Quran. Further, miraculous eventful occurrences on that same night is in the hearts of Mumenun  the Lovers of prophet Mohammad pbuh. The conversation between Allah the creator and Mohammad SA, the tashaduth my son learnt with love and he says it’s about us. Jazakallahu Khairaan.

It is now again month of Mehraj. It reminds us of  Makkah and Jerusalem. Sura Israth is about journey to Jarusalem. Muslims not only topic of conversation Jerusalem is also Muslims part of believe. Worlds political central point. In that night Prophet Muhammad pbuh travelled to  above the galaxy of milkyway, we Muslims believe.  Prophet Muhammad pbuh met all the prophets, and Alllah and brought a gift that is repentance for us Ummah. Ya Allah accept me, my children  and parents, good Muslims, good friends  and grant us your mercy, Ameen.

My request to Islam preaching people, Islam nowadays a central point of target and disgust, Islamaphobia raised up. We must think, phobia is fear and we are causing fear in heart of others for us. Saitan works to insert hate in hearts and negative thoughts in minds thats true, thus, are we talking right?   I am not claiming (I am let alone great any little dawah giver), though I am not giving wrong message nor creating hatred towards my practise.  Some people creating mess for most.

For Terrorism Islam blamed. Why?  Because Muslims are not doing good.  Arabs most angry, deadly devastrating there,  Pakistan terror fielding, their scholars refuse to talk about truth about Pakistan.  Bengalis are in politics focus, few are  blinded like in battle field.  Preachers are too many and of all backgrounds,  with their angled vision perception they shoot out the arrow and miss hit.  I Must pin point,  Islamic preachers are facing political miss mass.  My request  preachers must be very careful of predujuces while preaching.

Preacher Tarik Monowar of UK, your talk is off line. Oh preachers, there are many of you are talking to give massages and you all are not right always when you talk. Will  I be wrong saying, what, how to who and where is a consideration point must be applied by all preachers.  When you talked about the British person (non-Muslim)  you sat next to on a flight, may I tell you, I perceived your style there was prejudice. Your thought and intention I believe is for Islam, though, you came up with short fall, narrow scope, presumption (that is haram in Islam that most Muslims do, and do annoy people), judgemetalism and gave partial and contradictive statement what distorts Islam portray and you in haste gave verdict too while joked.

In my perception, the other person gone away with negative feeling, distaste, and affirmed to his original undesired  feeling towards you.  Such attitude surely have worked to fuel the Islamaphobia.  You with your thoughtless, short fall, and cheap nature of pushiness, inconsideration  with narrow minded and partial and denial statements humiliating Islam. Yo are lacking nature in another word  social disordered being, so please do not stand to represent Islam it’s not your suit.

Preachers, you have right to raise your voice per right of freedom of speech as you believe against your Bangladesh government ministers, or against other leaders actions  I don’t deny. Preachers, don’t play Islam against politics for your personal motives sake.  In Bangladesh the justice system and supreme has become a disgust matter and Court for Justice been perverted. Hang to death must be outlawed in Bangladesh.

Blessings for Mizanur Rahman Azhari for his well balance maintained style preachings, he seems to be a treasure of Bangladesh and pride of Bengali Muslims. My request to people to adopt tolerance of differences of schooling and styles, and  allow this generation to prosper.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com