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About Zakir Naik and Bengali persecuted scholars.


Fatema Miah:

I feel I must talk about  Zakir  Naik and few other scholars those were persecuted. Justice is core for human right and equality of treatment and fairness, without justice our societies will become devil casted like old Vatican city of gladiators and worse case scenarios of medieval time we have forgotten.

Term modern era or enlighten we believe our society has evolved to in the past century. I often get back to repeat the word  modern with questioning. It is a concerning matter. In this contemporary era our media and  some politicians played badly curved horrendous sadly shameful mark in stone for forever to dread.

I previously wrote about Deoband group the Indian Islamic educational establishment, it’s followers were wrongly accused by British Media and sadly harassed, that eventually proven wrong allegation casted  against them by jealousy. Where I wrote previously the actual terrorists are given into and irrelevant individuals were targeted and harassed.

Deoband group was harassed, when Pakistani establishment was harbouring terrorists been left untouched, then given into. When Pakistani public the ordinary people were enduring them. Malala only one family got entire world  before Malala Yousafzai family.

Afghanistan people cried Pakistani misleading diverted worlds power against Afghanistan. We Britain continued in Afghanistan. When Afghani Taliban wasn’t the linking factor for USs target  Bin Laden, rather it was Pakistani Taliban. Later on, World compelled to give in to Pakistani Taliban without any action.

Zakir Naik, Indian, I am not fond of his talking style. His knowledge is praise worthy though way he speaks doesn’t impress me I said before, though personal preferences are allowed, doesn’t mean to go to any length to oppress or dismiss even to harass individuals for not being impressed.

There were people blamed Zakir Naik linking  him to terrorists. Way he spoke I being in UK and accustomed to and prefer considerational termology of balanced tone and language that shouldn’t be disrespectful or criticizing individuals faith and belief system that could hurt them. Zakir Naiks knowledge is great thus his voice and tone is  off line, he had hyper thyroid functioning kind of speech speed. Tone and balance off track  puts me off. Zakir Naik wrong again making such statement against Bangladesh government for disconnecting peace TV satellite because of allegation on Zakir Naik by Indian his own country people. OK, misunderstanding is there, Bangladesh government has done right thing at that time to act on immediate concern that didn’t kill Zakir Naik.

Where Kader Mulla, Nizami and others were persecuted that cannot be reverted if it proven wrong verdict was given. Asian people, most are reactive with opinionated nature, rigid and madly adamant and damaging. Modern they claim to be don’t even understand modernity is equality and respective against rigid adamant.

Being dismissive towards Islam they think that’s modern, fashionable and progressive, contrary terrorism rose up and there Zakir Naik felt like to be  hero and stood up with media that’s contemporary worlds fashion. Come on Mr Zakir Naik ji, you have great cross knowledge,  balance your tone and style please.  Your sentences needs to be broken down and elaborated and added with adjectives and adverbs.

By the way, for humour,  (preachers don’t passionately push for everyone to convert, keep Jannah  for us, when that’s causing issues here, and remember there are rewards too for every  good deeds.), please encourage justice, care and respect among people. Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com