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What is about ….??? Yousefzai certification must for West!!???

Fatema Miah:

It keeps puzzling me, what the hell the world is about playing Malayla?? Hey, politicians, media and NGOs  played a lot, being partial and not looking at the world around them. Malala  won’t  save your children or neither going to be magic for anybody except for their selves. You responsible beings  hypocritically  condoning and allowing mass death everyday across the world. What on earth you lot been  doing only pampering Malala? Thousands of only Pakistani children alone  being killed and no news let alone to support them.

Look at Syrian refugees, Rohingya refugees and the African girls. What the hell wrong with Canada? Malala, is helped, good, and enough. Why she only drawing entire world to focus in her, ignoring  ongoing dangerously attrocities that allowed.  Come on Malala, your and your families hypnotised by magic practice is deadly ill.  You talk Islam on what basis? You teaching world, and  shame on people, allowing being toppled beneath your talk?

Stop this nonsense. This is example of evil, that taking time, diverting focus from Syrian suffering beings, wasting money and time  unnecessarily on your presentations and people been retuning back tired then don’t have time for real ongoing issues. Your such ignorance that’s nothing but Pakistani style tactic magic not Islam certainly.

Enough is enough. Wake up world. She’s been helped that’s enough that’s I/ we wanted, though where others are left to be tortured to death.  Why nobody sew the truth of attention seeking magic trick. Millions of People dying before our eyes.  Hey Muslim men and preachers Malala is a shameful slap on your faces. Malala represents Islam??. Hey, Bangali people, why wasting time in reporting and recording  Malala, is a kick in your face when you have sheltered  Entire Rohingya  ethnic people, where is any attention?

NGOs and media be impartial. I had empathy for Malala, I do care, though what is this  Such careless, attention seeking, selfish people  Malala and her family, all they want is attentions and sympathy by depriving  others and taking the credits by written up speeches. I had sympathy  and in the recent years, I am fed up of too much and continuous at the cost of other children’s suffering and even death. No more of her talk.

Unbelievable, how the family managed to control entire worlds focus and drawn attention to them by magic that’s  continuously worlds every services, media to Orgs alert and standby to their services. Yousefzai, I am compelled to say, shame of such selfishness in their tactics play, they held up their female child at stake. They, the parents allowed their daughter to be at risk in the play. Parenting in question. Responsible parenting and Muslim parenting of a female child, the daughter, was allowed to go and challenged the terrorist organisation/ gang!!!

Where, Justice is care and to be on equal level so then why war refugees children are allowed dying at the camps? I’ll tell you the answer is, because we are busy with Malala, rather please one Pakistani family over world. That’s only how we Brits, and Canada can prove being inclusive, diverse beings and not Islamaphobia they believe.   Ask Islamophobia beings their opinion please. Islamaphobia is high and faced by UK and Canada contribution making citizens are not supported neither awarded.  General Asian people do hiccup about too much and in wordemenent about Malala attentions.  On the screen and before media people do not hiccup in fear of likely to be wrongly accused of radicalisation.

Is Yousefzai certification must for UK and Canada??

(And why?) Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com