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Preachers and preaching Islam

Fatema Miah:

Mizanur Rahman Azhari is a great Scholar (Olama), good guide and a mentor for the contemporary generation.  May Allah bless him. Ameen

It is a concerning matter how Islamic preachers demonstrate ego, jealousy and intolerance toward others.  Preachers preach according to their bias perception of pre judgemetalism and with their inner anger filled zeal sometimes and often are remotely ignorants, in it I Noticed often in them their psycho level and physical condition isn’t tact 100%, lacking  of relaxation because they’ve been on the move and couldn’t have sufficient rest for mind and body therefore they are distance in mind process.  Also lacking of appropriate physical exercise triggers mood disorder.

In term of rest, people have different amount of needs for rest like food amount. The food type is another factor makes difference. Different food makes people react differently and food imbalacement certainly does impact on reactions. I am shockingly concern that Bengali preachers are in wrong diet habit and repeatedly accustomed to inadequate dietary habit that impacts on their outlet. There zeal works strongly too and (*) evil deceitful minds play with confidence and calmly also.

A Muslim is a practitioner of Faith Islam. Knowledge, practice and output must be balanced. Talk on or about Islam every Muslims have to do answer to questions about their practise with respective validity and reasoning with rationality. In doing such, where, how, what and to whom must be taken into consideration and suitable termology as well as style and examples must be adopted to as integrational diversity norm. Islam demands diversity and  prosperity of Islam came with inclusivity. (*) Qur’anic versus cannot be anyhow twisted nor changed. (differentiation is needed for as a bridge, example of dealing with child and incapable beings).

Quran is guidance and teaching of Allah the creator, Hadith is guidance examples and reference as support statement and Actions of Sahabas the companions of Prophet pbuh helps how to deal with situations, they all are factors reflective, evaluative and explanative factors for Muslims self mirage.  Some people are too critical and very dismissive of others.  The preachers are often and most very impolite and quarrelsome. They make demands explanation or answers from others relatively unnecessarily most of the time and aggressive.

Most of them behave like Islam is their possession only and can do and say as they and way they wish. Only way is their way. By doing so they created gap and hatred, deter people away from Islam and made Islam a fear factor. And  they don’t  care, let alone to reflect upon it. They rather contrary criticise others with self righteous claim. Where Prophets pbuh or Sahaba the companions example in it? Where is fear of Allah? Mutanattiun.  There also as well as hypocrites (*) the deceitful being playing with Islam, because the supremacy of Islam oriental phrases undeniably respect attractional.

In the past, few decades before Arab regional people rigidly, and being bias unnecessarily criticised Asian, Indian sub continental Muslims with ego. Now what? There Pakistani without question with their khuda term and mispronunciation were arrogant towards Bangalis, referring Bangalis with Hindus. What?  Their Quran reading is what? They majority are Pir baba and graves  associated, far from Tajeeed  and  Aquida.

Some Bangalis have such associated orientation, hatred and ego though don’t have same type Pakistani peoples tact and diplomacy.  They fight rigidly by giving sake of their following line, laughing matter, they don’t fear wrong impression and shaming Islam. Oh, people, at least Pakistani we saw in 80s and 90s stay within their made up kaum the association. The Bangalis, go loud vocal to a length and create a unnecessary scene. Preaching made into must and anyone anywhere begin with rudeness and with lie alligation to make others faulty and ‘self perfect’. (*) There now, living Saitan Bangladeshi Gopal gong man mocking  Qura versus.  When Islamic Scholars rose voice on this topic, I demand an action against his Gopal gong man (Nazrul Islam Baish Hazari). For sake of Islam, purity of Quran also to prevent clashes and to maintain  respect of millions of proper Hafiz.

Some Bangali  preachers in Bangladesh are vocal and screaming, opinated and very rigid, rude and  in rage with wrong perception and absolutely inappropriately making  demand against a diverse, adoptive, jolly, respective  and well balanced knowledgeable and practical individual, faulting Olama of todays pride of Bangladesh Mizanur Rahman Azhari.  Hey preachers,  do not exercise your voice for  quarrel unnecessarily.  (Yassiru wala tuassir.)  (*) When, Gopal gong man Nazrul Islam Baish Hazari is a real wrong doer.

Mizanur Rahman Azhari is right giving suitable examples to this generation, he has correct tone and language and style as well as humour with his lively nature. You dead soul people, do not exercise your zeal with your dead psychological sense and disfunctioning.  Our prophet pbuh, starved for days and still maintained humour in nature. You miserable bunch of people,  like most Pakistani  hormonal imbalance women and some Bengali caught the same misery, don’t dictate wrongly.  You have no dictation authority. Doing so, you allowed space for (*) Gopal gong man Nazrul Islam Baish Hazari exercising his saitani twisting recitation.

People there in Arab and Asia some show tight narrow mind set,  We here in west facing and having to answer to about their ill thought process and outlet.  (wa bassiru wala tuaffiru). Bangladesh government, according to Justice Sinha,  have perverted justice wrongly about death sentences. Now for sake of correctness,  Bangladesh government must take action against (*) this Gopal gong man Nazrul Islam Baish Hazari and  interfere in to teach those faulting Mizabur Rahman Azhari, lesson that they have no authority to dictate wrongly with unnecessary criticism.

(*) Sheik Hasina and the Awamelegue cabinet must take immediate action against Gopal gong man who address himself as Dr. Saied Nazrul Islam Baish Hazari, he demonstrated  psychological disorder, mentally unfit,  dictatinal and oppressive and he also shaming Sheik Hasina and Bangladesh independence hero Sheik Mujibur Rahman by uttering  their names.