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Climate and justice – western Banks


Fatema Miah:

The Banking corporation is also focus factor for our climate solution.

Climate is linking to all other topics as I wrote before. Vastly climate concern is strongly connected to modern era as I repeatedly wrote about and what specifically I didn’t  pinned pointed to address to highlight  at our commercial profit making sources of finance.

The Banking corporation  is also focus factor for our climate solution. It is in fact one of the biggest points alongside politics in the climatic concern issue.  Where we are flight for the climate issue solution that our environmental and justice teams all in aggrement about the energy producing  and  war weaponeries are the  biggest cause of recent climate threat that lead to social conflicting to climatic and vise-versa, here our nuclear weaponry business has been progressively marketing for profits. In it our Western Banks have been in conduct of financial profit making business loans.

The coal mining is the worse enemy of environment and living being that largely adding to co2 carbon emission also the warfare is another factor. Where our Western Largest banks are in financial business deal for the both. When our climate justice, environment concern and other organisations looked into for solution, in the line of chase links the banking came to attention. The largest  existing coal mining industries in America and China are the main concern of adding of co2 carbondioxide emission to atmosphere resulting to climate threat.

Western Banks are listed about Climate issue. UK banks Barclays, HSBC  and NatWest are biggest investors in those sectors. The report shows banks have funded 1.9 trillion dollars into fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement. Fracking is in debate and there is better result presumed from planned fracking under legislation, though funding for war arms is no debate is destructive and unjust. Barclays and NatWest refused to disclose their investment customers organisations finding sources and details and it was found out only Barclays was the Number 1 Fossil Fuel banker over the last  three years with 85 million dollars in financing to companies that are driving  to climate breakdown in anti fracking groups term.  UK fracking companies are under legislation and it can be done safely.

HSBC have  disclosed  their funding sources detail.  Whether it’s supporting arms sales to Israel and Saudi Arabia, or financing the extraction and exploitation of fossil fuels, HSBC is profiting from destruction.  War caused Middle east unrest, deaths and damaging to environment, and migration. HSBC confirmed that it has fully divested from Israeli drone manufacturer Elbit Systems, which sells weapons to the Israeli military used in attacks on Palestinians. There European Unicredit Bank funded 17 billion dollars in fossil fuel industry since Paris Agreement.  RBC is Canada’s No 1 banker of climate disaster.  In the past 3 years alone, the bank has poured: US$ 12.7billion into fracking, US$ 13.7billion into tar sands and US$ 100 billion into fossil fuels.

There are on going campaigns fighting to stop our banks funding towards destruction. Over 24,000 War on Want supporters and allies emailed HSBC with concern over its investments in Elbit Systems and other companies selling weapons to Israel’s military, and 40 HSBC branches across the UK were picked monthly for the same reason. The campaign will continue, as HSBC maintains business relations with more than a dozen other companies selling weapons and technology to the Israeli military.

There are demonstrations in Birmingham Broad St planned to be held outside HSBC Bank, on the 12th of April 2019 against their Banking policy on funding to those destructive causes what promoting to climate threat. There in Milan also a demonstration planned for the 11th of April against Unicredit Bank. Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com