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Paranormal or scriptural context, – is there any connection to seismology?

Fatema Miah:

This is about inquisitive question about paranormal imaginary for thirst minds in quest for connection of evidence and unseen to ponder on, might be  to take on board to challenge, to if like to discuss or debate or to further question, to set on discovery and to have interfaith dialogue or to just to have a thrilling read as a fantasy, so Please do not take this as an or any answer of certainty to any mentioned concepts.

In one of my recent articles in Imam Mahdi  I touched on questioned about the Gog and Magog. Let me just correct the phrase 1st of all that is Yajuj Majuj (sorry I was wrong sayin Azuz Mazuz).  About Gog and Magog, or the Yajuj Majuj whom according to (Towra, Gospel) Hebrew Bible and Al Quran the last and the final testimony that they (the Gog and Magog or the Yajuj Majuj) are locked away beneath the earth and are working out tirelessly, trying hard to come out on to the earth surface.

Yajuj Majuj or the Gog and Magog are said were very powerful, gigantic  and were intolerable destructive. They engaged in human cannibalism. They were locked away deep down beneath the earth surface not by comparable power of strength neither by defeating them in conflicts or challenge of any kind. They were locked away in  iron gates, (by magic spell,) in other word by the creators Allah the Gods magic, in the time of a good king Zulkar Nayin.

The Gog and Magog, in Jews’ term or the Yajuj  Majuj in Islam were very powerful and advanced with enormous tools what they using trying to break off their barriers that’s created by Allah on request by the king Zulkar Nayin of the time estimation about many thousands of years ago and their tale become a legend and has been repeatedly passed on to civilisations to civilisations and through scriptures.

From then till todays date they are working on to come out to the earths surface. According to the explanation, they have gigantic tools to their giant size type. Question is what are their tools? According to the explanation of their giant-power ability and extraordinary capacity, to imagine their tools types and their destructive features, shall we presume the Tetronic plates, the under water current and  seismic pressures mechanism; are these created and fitted tools what they working with and they cause the volcanic eruption,  the earth quakes and the tornadoes?

In the other Article in Imam Mahdi I questioned linking Aliens,  likely to be Yajuj Majuj, as Aliens are often talked about (and claimed  been spotted) often and believed they have advanced scientific and technology inventions and said are trying to invade our planet earth.  And according to spirituality the scripture explanation about the Yajuj Majuj are working tirelessly trying to come out to the earth surface, therefore question came to my mind about Aliens.

However, having a deep and further thought about the scriptures explanations now I disagree to myself that it’s cannot be the Aliens because Aliens are out there in the galaxy in the space way, not beneath the earth surface. Aliens if anything, (please note the if) likely to be the ‘Jinn’ mentioned in Quran. The kind other than mankind (not the species; birds and mammals)  were created before mankind, they lived and living freely on the planet not limited to earth gravitation seemingly and are invisible.  Question again what are Aliens? Are they Jin?

Back to Yajuj Majuj, or the Gog and Magog,  are they anyhow behind the, or have any link to  oceanic thermohaline and seismicity?