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Hunkered down and made as a culture – Typical

Fatema Miah:

Before I wrote the article Typicalsm about system made into culture in different societies and made space for wrong doings with or within systems where oppressed are left oppressed, suffering continued, wrong remained and vocalization and category tick boxing in placed and learning talked rather than practiced appropriately.

Then again, I wrote about so called Bangladesh gender equality, same again, where its annoying of political fitting-in with phrases and madness with misled Gender Equality rather than to actually work fair against suffering from mistreatment and violation. Such shifting off contextual situations keeps coming back again and again with issues. There will be issues need to be dealt with,  to solve and to serve justice. Justice is a core, phenomena of traditional term above all. It’s all about fairness and right from wrong.

Revelation, enlighten and term modern placed in again to bring fairness against oppression and mistreating. Regulations, system, law and order all are part of one teaching matter and that’s faith the Belief. Belief is the guide towards good against bad.  Too many people are in talking good with madness and doing bad religiously claiming a faith or denying of religions.

In the past the big Title was hate of difference, the race and cultural discrimination. The religious conflict was there what turned intense at times by political power play. In general ordinary people; among them the women and weak always fell victim, mistreated, abused and used whether it’s worldwide conflict of war or regional rivalry or procession greed and false fame seeking.

Wrong is wrong can never be justified never should be partial about wrong doers. The major religions, everyone teaches justice and truth and each religions corevalue began against Injustice, raising up against nearest and dearest for the truth against falsehood,  mistreating and power abuse.

Ibrahim and Moses struggled against vast power, the traces of sagas still remained on demonstrated. Jesus or Isa on (time out,) left his truth. Finally, our beloved prophet pbuh endured, suffered and stood firm for fairness of treatment against abuses and affirmed justice.  That’s Islam.  People do know that! Specially Muslims. Question is do they know in knowledge or just talk from tongue?

West, made Church in love of Christ to promote Christ’s work. Furthermore, thoughtful responsible beings phrased ‘enlighten’ for justice against mistreatment. The same westerners, went off to conquer world by oppression and built empires. Then we became modern, global and now politically correct.  As I phrased correctness shoved off by political correctness. Is politics all squarely always correct?

About Muslim its really concerning. There few are absolutely evil and most are not, like any other communities, though the majority often remain silent  when those few evil people in the name of Islam do wrong, abusing Islam and humiliate Islam. I find it hurtful. Nusrat Jahan to me is a myrtar like Samaiya and Asia ra.  Where are Mizanur Rahman Azhari, Abdullah Al Amin and other preachers?

Aches in my heart through my spine pokes into my Thalamus.  In Bangladesh a female student of Islamic institution abused and collaboratively by planning burnt to death and our Bengali Muslim brothers and sisters very few there are out voicing/condemning. Few Scholars, non popular and non political talked against such evil acts. Majority, the popular and political strong voices are silent when their profession, practice and appearance being humiliated by this evil. Oh yes, Taslima Nasreen is your work result preachers.

They made a culture of to remain silent, to allow the ashes to be covered up, and ignore. There were more in fact all were jumping up with fire about New Zealand Friday killing. In this case, except for a fraction of Muslim scholars vast of them are brushing pass, they are not as in rage as they were about New Zealand killing and as against Bangla new year celebration. They are Hunkered down in bias ‘Typical’. I disgust and shame on them.  Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com