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Ginza- a taste of Japanese fusion

Ginza- a taste of Japanese fusion

Dhaka, July 8 : For students, eating à la carte at restaurants mostly tends to be a luxury. It’s expensive, the quantity is either too much or too little, it takes time to prepare-all in all just not the right choice for people on the run. However, I think I’d make a little exception for Ginza. For the price I paid, I really had a good lunch there last week.

We ordered the Steamed Chicken Gyoza, Chicken Nanban, Yakitori Chicken, and Nagasaki Fried Rice from the menu and then started the wait. About 15 minutes later, we were served with the delicate looking gyozas. Drizzled with a sweet and spicy sauce, it was exactly what would accompany steamed gyozas. However, I wouldn’t mind the wrap being slightly thinner.

Next came the three other dishes. They were served fresh and warm and with how hungry I was, I couldn’t wait to dig in! The Nagasaki Fried is basically fried rice with Naga sauce, bits of chicken, and vegetable. While at first you might not feel the heat, a few more spoonful of it will give off a sharp taste.

To tone down with the spice, the Yakitori Chicken works well as it leans more towards sweetness. 4 skewers of chicken pieces were served with a in-house sauce. Just by the look of it you’d understand the grilled chicken bits are tender and juicy! I was absolutely blown away by the simple yet delicious sweet, spicy, and slightly charred flavor I was getting in every bite. As for the Chicken Nanban, it was a tad bit oily but I did enjoy the Japanese Golden Curry dressing which looks like a thousand island dressing with bits of cabbages.

When it comes to talking about their service and environment, I wouldn’t say that I was impressed. It was quite packed for lunch and there were only 2 servers who were not only slow but also kept forgetting little things like providing straws for the drinks. We didn’t even get cutlery for the dishes served.

They hadn’t opened too long ago and at day time with natural lighting you can notice that it’s not really the cleanest place either (stained chair cushions, messy counter, etc). I will definitely go back to Ginza since I tend to have heavier lunches and the quantity they serve for every dish can easily be shared between 2 people. But if you’re looking for a proper outing with your family on a special occasion, the ambience might just miss the spot.