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Trust – in running  businesses/ services

Fatema Miah:

Trust can be defined as ‘a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something’. Truth trust  is to be honest in promise keeping. Trust underpins every successful organisation or business.  For success in business there must be trust between organisations; to customers and stakeholders. The purchase of goods and services is founded on trusting relationships.  That’s the morn, and as always is the case across the world.
Question is has it always been  the case? There are many instances of well-known organisations that have made serious mistakes. These mistakes have damaged the trust of their customers. In many cases, they have devastating consequences to the organisations’ brand which even threatened their existence. Worse of all are in Indian subcontinent, in Middle East and  towards Bangladesh.  In Islam also trust is a strong point. Trust  comes in as Honesty and validity of promise, then why it’s the opposite happens more often?
Trust can be defined as ‘a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something’. Trust underpins every successful organisation or business.  There are many instances of well-known organisations that have made serious mistakes. These mistakes have damaged the trust of their customers.  In many cases, they have devastating consequences to the organisation’s brand which even threatened their existence and faced ending.
There must be trust between a senior leadership team and their board. This will underpin the organisation’s vision, direction and sound governance. There must also be trust between leaders, managers and staff members. This will help to promote a shared vision and effective working. Without trusting relationships at work, insecurity builds up, gossip spreads, decisions are second-guessed and cliques form.
People must make self promise to be trust worthy as  trust can only come from them selves. It is the employees (or the involve people)  who develop an open culture and transparent relationships. Mind you, RELATIONSHIP. An example of trust, a human body is only truly healthy when every organ functions well and the DNA is sound. Same way, any work, big or small project or services are  successful same way.  More importantly trust worthiness must be appreciated not taken for granted let alone to be abused. The same applies in every aspects of life as mentioned relationship.
In Asians, In Muslims dealings, both the truth and appreciation absence, rather blank talk and talking down is a norm therefore always problems occurs. The other factor is, everyone take mighty role to dictate, and some services and stores are still running by verbal and might wrestle/battle in place as ongoing norm per the need of services and for accustomed to such nature. ( same here in UK by Asians).  And within those Asians, The Muslims are task less and don’t fit in else where due to wrestle nature.
Absence of trust is  matter of  unsuccessful, though the breaking of trust is devastrating. It would be naive to slight it to a faith, rather it’s personality. And personality development has the vast factor of individuals value system. Upbringing is the key factor in it, and the depth and volume capacity comes in with from sense of responsibility together with concern of consequences. Here wisdom comes in with prudence. Reliability is partial in Trust, though Trust worthy also can be one cannot be  relied for just availably and capacity.   Trust worthy certainly is strong personality from within. And for Trust worthiness, it is usually demonstrated in Charrecters by individuals acts, performance pattern and dedication.
Appreciations  in Truth worthy nature individuals presents and they dedicate themselves in wholeheartedly for the trust entrusted on them. Tasks and services are always successful because of main factor the Trust, in people among the team and the service takers. The same rule applies in personal situations also. By lie and twist there never been success and the lacking or mistakes of individuals always has comefotward. Regret, true or false, genuine or fake also proves by itsself and reflects as in  mirror effect. The progressive beings always are strongly Charrecters, responsible and prove to be trust worthy. A person can face a little loss or failure of broken trust by someone, though their trusting ability affirms with recognising and to proceed with procedural manners. Person with Trust never breaks a trust.  Again, Trust is must in all management styles and aspects. In the delegating aspect it is a vital factor.
The relation matter is based on trust as always. It’s relation in in Business and services. The Trust is the key to relation.  There is India and Bangladesh there are no quality of any aspects in business or services in most cases. Trust the key factor is non, and therefore most kind  of abuses are ongoing; bribery was concern, and the cheating, (they do the same here in uk in most business and services, and cause stress and suffering) now  chemicalisation in food  also in Asia and it  has become norm. With such made norm, What is ‘Trust’ for them?
HR, Human Resource, they learn from western procedural training and interestingly someone writes the cut and paste or the memorised textbook paragraphs, fantastic to know they are reading.  Reading text to understand is very basic. Them to prove the understanding is not as easy. Then, acknowledgement and putting in practice is the matter of learning. The Trust factor comes in HR (with Trust worthy promising statement, prove and examples employees are supposed  to be taken in for posts).  There, they read, memories and then what, talk (or write)?

.  Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com