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The Mughals – Akbar,  Salim to Shah Jahan

Fatema Miah:

The Mughal emperor Jalal Uddin Akbar under Beyram Khans direction reached up to the highest pick point, that was the result of work of Beyram Khans dedication that Akbar’s Father Humaun after all could stablish rulling by sorting out his own brothers and made the mark on The Hindustan, from Kabul to Agra and Conquered Delhi.  Mughals highness shouldn’t be praised without mentioning Beyram Khan.  Contrary Mughals disqualities marked on the Beyram Khans absence/depart.
Young Beyram Begg (later Khan) took promise before Humauns father Babar to support the Mughal Empire and Humaun as the next Emperor at the time of Mughal Empire founding.  Therefore, (he was a key Mughal founder too?) he dedicated as he promised till his death.  Akbar was sharp and thoughtful, wise and prudential. Beyram Khans coaching and wisdom influenced in Akbar. Both Beyram and Humaun were well educated and intelligent too, therefore diplomacy was their natural nature per they maintained mutual  exchanges, and didn’t interfere with Hindu customs and drew regional peoples respect.
Humauns father Babur, at the founding of Mughal Empire got Humaun to write down that for Mughal Empire to succeed in rullibg in Hindustan (the India) they need to respect their culture and allow the people to live with their culture otherwise it will be impossible to gain and maintain power. Both Beyram khan and Humaun had bare that in mind. Babur when surged forth to Chittor, when the princess approached challenging Babars force, his son Humaun faced Princess Karnavati, he engaged  in arguement and Babar changed his tactics and assured Karnavati their ally and called her his daughter and got his son Humaun to be her (Rakhi) brother, by doing so they made peace there and promised to protect the Chittor kingdom from other invaders.
Humauns loss of Power it was because of his family, his brothers envy and deceptions. Beyram Khan stood shoulder to shoulder and with best efforts and tactics they seeked Iran’s  support and they successfully regained their rulling back in India. Baby Akbar was separated from parents and  taken into imprisonment, there in Kabul Mughal female family members took responsibility and  Sultana Banu Humauns brothers wife made sure good nurture to Akbar as Mughals.  On return back to Empire rulling Akbar was coached by Beyram Khan to be prepared as the next Mughal ruler.  Akbar showered his kindness towards his Mughals relatives.
After Beyram Khans death Akbar fell weak and disorientated. Salema Khanum Mughals relative, Akbar allowed her to be married to Beyram Khan for his great loyalty, on his death Akbar married her and kept her in the palace with his other wives Rokaiya his cousin with whom his father Humaun got them married as children and Rabeya his another wife. Salema being wise by age and Beyram Khans wisdom influence, she has been emotional support to Akbar. After Beyram Khan, Akbar then though to make strong bond with Rajputh Hindu Community so he proposed to marry King Barmal’s daughter.  Barmal being Rajputh and a ruler of Amer he thought cleverly. Being under stress for having family quarrels over kingdom and other invaders attacking, King Barmal accepted Akbar’s proposal to strengthen a relationship bond with Mughal by marrying his daughter. Akbar had no knowledge that Barmal married his adopted daughter Harka Bai or Heer to Akbar to strengthen his rulling.
Rajputh, Hindu Brahmans would never marry their daughters even to a different cast let alone to  Muslims, meat eaters. Harka Bai or Heer was a Farsian origin, her family was previously slave to (Indian) Hindustani Rajputh King family and she as a child came with Barmals wife on her wedding and she grew up in Barmals family in their culture.  Harka Bai or Heer, her original Name was Marium Jamani what was changed in the Rajputh family to Harka Bai and Heer in short, then where name Jodha Bai comes from?  Might this be was Raja Barmal and his wife’s suitable trick? Marriage by both religions rituals took place and Akbar was made to promise to establishment of Idol and temple in the Mughals’ palace.  Through this marriage, Geeta the Hindu scripture (religion book) got to be translated into Farsi and Urdu/Afghan languages and been distributed to people of those communities.
Mughal Sultans, the emperors didn’t marry off their daughters because the Mughals were  unwilling to compromise down to anyone. Humaun married off one of his daughter, Akbar’s half sister to another Mughal relative and had faced, he had to compromise and relationship came in as obstacle on the way of Mughals decision makings. Akbar had a younger  brother, was given ruling of Kabul. From Akbar onwards, his son Salim and grandson Sha Jahan also didn’t marry their daughters off, they were avoiding conflicts and any chance of  interference.  Also finding the match was the biggest issue.  Akbar had sons by Heer (or Jodha Bai) the Rajputh related marriage and daughters from other marriages.  Salem Uddin Jahangir, Akbar’s son took the Taj and the Throne from Akbar by threaghning him.
In Jahangir’s reign Mughal power began to scatter. The palace women played twisting and turning, created stress and weakening Mughal gradually, only the governors and other knights kept the Mughals running for sake of their own recognition as Mughals to hold on to power. Salim muddled up power with his desire of women.  (From there on Khurram was made Shah Jahan.) On getting Taj Mahal built remarkable cruel action taken, unforgivable that the workers hands been chopped off on completion of Taj Mahal. Sense and soul was already died.  And who  says Taj Mahal was built to symbolise any love story?  Truth cannot be denied Shah Jahan was too deep in drug addiction and womenisation he had no single second of think ability, neither sense to communicate let alone to plan and instruct such project. Yes, the complete of model, The Taj Mahal is exceptionally stunning to look at so presumably Sha Jahan surely have praised it.
Wasn’t the Taj Mahal  made,  constructed under planned plot to get the hands onto  Shahi Khajana the Mughal fund and been shared  the commissions out?  There the Mughal daughters also were other vile pons in the Mughals palace, too many  women of three generations (4/5 generation?), they having no other interest of matter of engagement for attention to be diverted to, Therefore, the heat been from everywhere  accumulated to highest point and sprinkled out, spread across and inflamed. (Among the women, there were few thoughtful  women have been thinking good for Mughals, country and Islam, most of them were humble to Mughal dynasty.) Running off to Kabul was Mughal women’s common thing, what did they do there in Kabul.  Aurangojeb thrown out his father Sha Jahan of the Palace and locked him away, and it was said he had got his brothers killed for the throne. Question is, what happened to the women?

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