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From Ottoman to todays direction

Fatema Miah:

Ottoman comes up when talking about Islam- law and sharia. Islam’s mercy and beauty of justice equality only Mohammed pbuh and the Prominent companions, the four, can be raise as the examples, undoubtedly.
Ottoman they saying was a great for that civilization, and I had put a question mark in my previous article. Ottoman, without any argument, indeed was a great land mark for name Islamic in imperial. Ottoman avoided Hudud punishment, praise worthy? Again I questioned. Okay, not bad in that regard. When, manpower was absolute need for the empire power ruling; guarding periphery, to stretch out to conquer, to keep up with power by keeping intimidating outsiders by manpower strength, why would they by any chance waste energy inwardly?
Ottoman on the other hand marked negative, while applied system of might, in might they made and broke, in another word remoulded sharia (law) to their accordance. Extravagancy, still evidence in Istanbul and Ankara todays Turkish Capital, in display. The tier system, class no need to mention was like the tradition of historical norm, and worse. About being Islamic, namely. It was by chance after the last crusade they prospered with blessing for favouring Sala- Uddin Ayubi against their common European competitors. They stood up and formed empire in the name of their Uthman, (the Ottoman).
Hareem, is well known cannot be denied and the slaves for hareem, hmm, male enslaved into hareem women’s services by forced made them impotent. These were clearly anti Islamic Haram forbidden acts. Whereas, Mohammed pbuh freed slaves from slavery and granted their freedom of wish, and disabling male natural functioning is as well as emotional and physical it is  also psychological tortures Islam doesn’t tolerate.
women were given respectful status with freedom of will against being taken for granted, or being abused or used for male desire, freed from the restriction or binding of to be property or entity of men, and allowed to have ownership of a percentage of wealth from male relatives, and importantly freedom of choice of male to take as a husband,  in the time of Islam. Ottoman, clearly have violated such women’s respectful freedom in display of pompous and in replaced costumes.
Furthermore, Ottoman conquered by manpower and sword power and fortunately had opportunity of Islam’s Holy relics under their ruling and Muslims and Islam came into their hands. Some Muslims, do stand up with praising (Khalifath) Turks, (the representation rights approval was given after the companions,) (Muslims to be representative as group/collective / in party form) to represent Islamic values, and Turks under Ottoman claimed the title and Asian taken it as a pride.  Why not? Let it be.
Turks were Europeans. While maintaining Ottoman empire what they made stand with passion in competition to their fellow Europeans, they approached as Europeans and attempted to suit their fellow Europeans. The evidence shown in itself, points raised by Western academics that their ruling style and religious approach was matched to Central European style of muddling up of Religions teaching codes  to run empire and to control. It’s about control and rule.
British codified Sharia, Islamic law during British India, transformed to ramification non understand able to Muslims. As the result of codification change the indigenous flexibility and capacity to adopt to social change was lost. This is a vital factor explained in detail in the last article.
There in India, Ghandi and Tagore played to ally Turks by encouraging Indian Muslims to support Khelafath to defeat British power, there British turned the table with support of western allied and successfully defeated Ottoman, swift them off their feet, got the carpet pulled off by Saud. The power shifted hands and Holy relics taken with the power. It’s matter of power exchanges from one extreme to another.
In terms of Islamic Kanoon,  the law, what said to be Sharia is not applied appropriately under any rule. More likely, per the respect of validation, democracy, welfare and justice, its British Muslims  look like from current era and new understanding will maintain if any proportionate percentage of Sharia;  Fiq, Tazir and justice, and likely will  support those standing with the values. Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com