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UK and World must be careful of India-Pakistan political conflict opening doorway of misled Jihad recruitment of youth 


Fatema Miah:

UK have plenty of matters on the table to deal with; home affairs, Brexit is a sharp point, the budget, decision making about the primary services to corporal and concern of Suitable Ministers to party candidates.  Simultaneously, UK must be careful about India and Pakistan political rivalry and it’s very  crutial and an alert matter that Britain must be watchful of British citizens not to be dragged in, or to be volunteering and team making in the UK, individuals not to be manipulated, to be influenced and to incite to act hatefully in siding with Pakistan, in supporting Kashmiri peoples political desires, uk citizens must not be allowed to overreact  against Indian government.
Previously I wrote; Modi the BJP playing cat and mouse with Pakistan, that’s fine, play it, why playing same with all  Muslims? While, on the one hand  acting friend with Bangladesh, BJP government on the other hand playing against  Bangladesh.  There BJP threaghning their Muslim citizens to send them to  Bangladesh, why?  BJP and RSS working in agreement, in collaboration attacking on Muslims and they claim it’s a democratic India.  With hate practice in politics and India democratic?  BJP government shamed India and RSS is a violent criminal organisation. Decent, respective and peace loving Indians are many there in India and they voicing against and working in for justice.
My view remain still same that  Indian government BJP is certainly wrong in the political sphere  dealing with Assam and Bengal people as such way.  It is worlds political concern matter, against  political legitimacy. BJP government is clearly oppressive, abusive and discriminative, bias, partial and it is  injustice  therefore it is  undemocratic.  Kashmir drew attention and making loud sounds  while Assam and Bengal voices  are oppressed so their crying sounds cannot be heard.  Arab region awarded Modi the Indian prime Minister, that’s a positive and a good indiscriminative and impartial act shown Muslims do not discriminate and also not partial, not  only ‘do  us  Muslims’ with any sickness. I like the awarding Modi a non -Muslim, though there Mody is absolute wrong treating Bengal and Assam Muslims. It’s not tolerable. And  India pressing Bangladesh with water  what’s not right either.   Yes, Arab after decades eventually shown that they  realised Pakistan doesn’t mean Muslims as they claim certainly not  Arabs favourite.
PAKISTAN word comes now with big capital to be high lighted, ALERT.  Imran Khan, the Muslim crying big cat or the wolf? UK must focus on that uk citizens are not dragged in Pakistansm through Kashmir issue.  370 and 35 a was a reformation and withdrawal of them also is a reformation also.  Neither of those stop or attack on  Islam faith practice neither forces Muslims to be married out to non Muslims outside the faith by enforcement. I am personally very scared of Pakistani, Kashmiri narrow and sharp sly tactics because I suffered from some of those ethnic peoples made up lie from assumptions forced countless uk people most Muslims been doing wrong unnecessarily here in Solihull, UK.  That’s claimed Muslims, together, targeting and attackings, in it there was the tactics of to separate, or creating rift in between Bengalis, and Bengalis against Locals/non Muslims, though they themselves, hard try to  pull others to them contrary.  When I wasn’t pulled under their armpit, being friendly isn’t good enough to them, they sly and slug off behind your back.   They pay to mentally ill  Bengali person, zakat (collected from other Bengalis) to be slagging off another Bengali behind the back. Made a chain of people busy with untruth, ill, haram slagging off game.  (My suffering, scary experience is a frightening episode.).
ISIL founder jihadi Johns wife was a Pakistani ethnic woman it was repeatedly said  by media. ISIL recruited in UK, for false Jihad. Now Kashmir issue is used to call people to Jihad. I repeatedly reiterated Kashmir isn’t Jihad neither Muslim issue, it is Indian home politics and Kashmiri people have right of desire as I wrote over and again.  What BJP doing to weak Assam and Bengal Muslim is a serious humanity Issue. I as UK citizen voice against it and demand justice and their rights. Kashmir even with given 370 and 35a articles have been shouting out Jihad unnecessarily. I say the word use must be controlled for sake of fairness. Political dealing, if  things not to your like shout crying ‘Jihad’? No. Shouldn’t be allowed, because it’s misleads real issue, mislead word Jihad, and misleading Muslims. Malala Yousafzai and her family,  pulled entire world  up to her when millions of children were deprived and killed everywhere. That’s Pakistani kind  mindset play.  Pakistanis will be real Islams truth loving day they speak about such manipulative gains.
Bengalis in UK and in Bangladesh are misled about Kashmir being a Jihad matter, and earth heaven when Assam, Bengal Muslims are in worse situation and worse of else India torture Bangladesh with water and at the borders. Bangalis crying for Kashmir to be loved by Allah, hell to that for Allah only please of loving Kashmiri and Pakistanis? sickness and hypnotised minds, is the threashold to the doorway of raising danger. Politicians are making horrible mistakes worldwide; Muslims or non Muslims. Only Imran Khan faultless? Pakistani politicians faultless? Always have been although they pulled world under their armpits? They are great Human even greatest Muslims? By denying genocide report of killing of 3 million Bengalis?   Some Bengalis  weakened mindset they saying to pray for, and to support Imran khan to strenght Imran khan (Pakistan) to fight Kuffars, then my question is who is or are Kuffar/s?  Some Bengalis made mind-loss to power their torturers, destroyers’, proud of oppressing a nation (Bengalis) though deny to acknowledge and admit the liability.   The  Kashmiri and Pakistani girls used to attack on Bengali girls in UK schools  (calling Kuffars) in 80s  it was Indian Hindu mainly Sikh girls were friends and used to stand up to fight back for Bengali girls.  Movie East is East must be replayed at least for a little glimpse.   When UKs racism was faught, it was mainly  by Indian Punjabis and also Bengalis made a big mark, pakistanis sneakily lived and swivel -passed  across disguised under hats and long coats with their fair skins.
Imran Khans uncle Niazi was forced to surrendered on the 16 December 1971 in Dhaka.  It’s a good tactics to pull Bengalis into Kuffars topic and keep Bengali busy engage in not to raise or talk about Niazi, Pakistan 71 let alone 3 million killed.  In 71, Pakistan attacked India from every direction to invade India and attacked Bangladeshi unarmed civilians,  Pakistan allied with world, USA then was under their armpits and Arab was cheerful of Pakistan Muslim country  made, it was Bhutto then and Imran Khans Uncle Niazi. Same now Pakistan trying again, now Imran Khan.  More now, British Muslims,  Asian/non Arabs to be Pakistani politicians play pons when  Pakistani ordinary some uk citizens are scared of Pakistan and ill treated when they go back to visit. Indian Kashmir people don’t like talk about 71 Bangladesh and there Pakistani attacks in India, (they are Muslims,) only to talk against Hindus/Kuffars and twisted Islam to their liking! Sickening and Abusing Islam.
Kashmir  isn’t Muslims Jihad duty.  Tricks and misleading. Alert!

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com