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A Walk Through Bihari Camp

A Walk Through Bihari Camp

Having lived so close to Bihari camp (also known as Geneva camp) at Mohammadpur, I have always wanted to try the area’s food items other than Mostakim’s Chaap. Thus, I jumped at the opportunity of getting inside the camp and experiencing the scene there first-hand.

Right beside the chaap shops is a road so narrow that it’s hard to believe that an entire community resides there. From tailoring shops to residential area, this place has it all. After walking through the clothing shops for about 10 minutes, we came across a big banner where it’s written ‘Stranded Pakistanis General Repatriation’. You start hearing murmurs of Urdu being spoken by almost everyone here and the area makes you feel like you are in a country of its own.

One of their highlights in terms of food is Boba’s Biryani. Run by a mute chef, who also happens to be the one serving the biryani, you will be greeted warmly by him. We signed him to provide us with 2 packets for takeaway and he was happy to show us some of his stunts with the potatoes while packaging the food. The biryani was slightly oily but had good amount of beef. Why I like their biryani so much is because of the kick of mustard which is obvious in every bite. Next we had puris and cha from a random tea stall. They were frying the lentil/daal puris right there so we got to try fresh and warm ones. For Tk 5 each, they were an absolute delight; not too oily and neither spicy. Their milk tea was also a pleasant companion to the puris. Had the place been not so deep inside the camp, I would be a regular there. Right beside that stall was a shop selling Egg Buns. It’s exactly what the name seems like, scrambled egg with onions and green chilis placed inside warm and toasted buns. The buns looked extremely fresh and I could honestly imagine it to be served as burger buns. I wish they sold them individually too! You can also find Chaat Potatoes, Salted Pomegranates, Quail and Chicken Boiled eggs, amongst other interesting food items.

We ended the day at Muslim Variety Kabab and Soup since Mostakim didn’t have any seats available there. We ordered the 10 soft Luchis, a Beef Boti Kabab, a Brain fry, and 2 cold drinks for Tk 250 only. While the taste wasn’t as good as Mostakim’s, it was perfect to end an eventful foodventure.