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Cilantro: A must-visit when you are in Dhanmondi

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Cilantro has been around for ages! In fact, some people of the earlier generation may also tell you that Cilantro or Coentro (now closed) used to be their hangout spots. Luckily for us, Cilantro still exists and the food is absolutely delicious!

Located at Satmasjid Road right next to Abacus, Cilantro may seem to be tucked away as you can’t actually find the restaurant unless you are aware of the place.
After walking through a narrow alley, you find a wooden gate through which you enter a cozy and aesthetic space. With both floor and seat seating arrangements and lights hung from the ceiling, it’s a restaurant fit both for hangouts and dates. My order there is usually the same; Beef Poutine, Beef Tacos, and Iced Tea. However, their meals are also very good.

The Beef Tacos are scrumptious soft shelled beef tacos are made with roti like Tortillas and topped off with Pico de Gallo (salsa) and shredded mozzarella cheese and served with a house special sauce and pickled onions!Instead of using ground beef like typical tacos tend to do, they used strips of juicy steaks. The meat tasted slightly overcooked but the pickled onions and house special sauce made me completely disregard it by adding a tangy and spicy kick to every bite. The mozzarella didn’t add any flavour to it however; the fresh salsas were the ultimate savor to the dish binding every component of the taco together. I tried their shrimp taco as well but didn’t like how dry they were. They could’ve kept it simple with the flavoring but instead turned it into something very deshi.

While Dhaka has very few places serving proper Poutines, Cilantro does an excellent job with theirs. Properly cut wedges baked to perfection with that slight crisp goes great with the cheese sauce, minced beef, and fresh salsa. This dish is enough to be split by 2 (or 3 if ordered as an appetizer). A must order if anyone ever pays them a visit!

Finally for dessert we got Churros which are fried dough pastry usually had as a snack. They’re usually coated with granular sugar and dipped in chocolate sauce for consumption. The Churros at Cilantro are served hot and the thick dark chocolate sauce works great with these dough sticks. However, over my last few visits, I have noticed that their Churros are very oily which doesn’t leave you feeling light as it should. I always get this dessert along with their platter but if I had to order them on their own, would probably think twice before doing so.

As for drinks, you can try any of theirs as they are all very refreshing! I usually get the Apple Iced Tea but the Blackberry drink that I got was mindblowing: tangy with hint of spice!