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Here’s what we learnt from Deepika Padukone’s makeup

Here’s what we learnt from Deepika Padukone’s makeup

Red lips always to your rescueIf you are in doubt about what lip shade to don or feeling under the weather, red is your colour, always. It is electric and instantly brightens up any look, which is why it’s no wonder Deepika gravitates towards reds. To select the right shade of red shade, check it out here.

Amp up your eyelash game

We often overlook lashes but that doesn’t mean it won’t help you amp up the beauty game. To make your lashes grow, with a Q-tip, apply castor oil every night and you will soon notice the difference. Otherwise, go for a mascara that provides a lengthening and volumising effect. We believe a few coats are going to make our lashes look killer, but there’s a proper way to applying mascara seamlessly for a prominent effect. Take a look here.

Gleam bright with a highlighter

Highlighters are the most underrated product in your vanity. Used for the high-points of your face, which includes the forehead, cupid’s bow and cheeks, they have multiple uses. One of them is scraping your highlighter and mixing it with your moisturiser for a dewy look. The actor swears by it to take her beauty game a notch above. Choose a consistency that works best for your skin. There are various highlighters in the market, read up about it here.

Golden smokey eyes are a classicGolden smokey eyes are as classic as it gets. Tone it down for an everyday look or glam it up just like the actor does for a night outing. It goes well with every outfit, whether it’s a decadent gown, a traditional sari or casual midi-dress. Golden smokey eyes not only make your eyes pop but also pack a punch, taking your look quite a few notches above.

Brows frame your face

Brows can make or break your look. Period. You cannot overlook them. In fact, they aren’t difficult to achieve and a bar of soap does the job. Weird? Don’t worry, many swear by it. Check out the hack here. Other than that, use an eyebrow powder and carefully outline (don’t overline) and fill in the sparse gaps or bald spots to achieve the perfect brows!