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Saudi in  the biological  global warfare of Covid-19, Pandemic

Fatema Miah:

Saudi government and elites  keep throwing  billions of pounds for their  pleasure,  they keep   upgrading their Capitals:  Ryad and Jeddah.  There are other towns and regions are in very poor  state, far  from any modern facility,  worse than  3rd world countries.  Pilgrimages is their largest sauce of  income, oil is second.
Since corona virus was  announced by international Health organisation  as a pandemic what’s Named Covid-19, infection caused  from China and turned into global pandemic in January and from February onwards it turned into serious topic. Saudi government announced lockdown and Makkah and Madina has been closed down from March to international and national Pilgrims for the 1st time in the history since in half a century.
This COVID-19, pandemic has become a test for faith practising worse than even; Terrorism, Islamophobia,  Crusaders and Zionism.  Saudi was earliest to declare lockdown and now in 1st week of April  they applied Curfew. The pilgrimage rituals of Umra stopped and now Hajj was announced unlikely to be taken place this year.  Saudi makes large profit from Pilgrimage. Other than Saudis profit making, the faith practitioners desires and emotion is the factor been put on the back burner.
Since there is a lockdown situation, Pilgrimages cannot be allowed to  take place, why Saudi government in this time, meanwhile,  get in with improvement of Mina Sanitation facility to be upgraded to international acceptable hygiene regulation.  The toilet and washing facility there is in Mina, Arafath and Majdulufa  unacceptably ill and unhygienic.  There a big work of draining facility is must.  Roads planning also needed to create better flow of traffic during hajj.
The main part of Pilgrim rituals places, where the sanitation is absolute unacceptably dangerous and health hazardous.  An urgent planning of improvement work the Saudi Government must begin in this COVID- 19 lockdown period, as it’s the best opportunity to get the work done.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com