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Dabirul Choudhury – the true warrior raising funds for COVID-19 victims





100 years old Dabirul Choudhury has raised funds more than 4 times for coronavirus victims.

100 years old Dabirul Choudhury will continue to walk to raise funds for coronavirus victims.

100 Years Old Dabirul Choudhury will not give up on humanity and will walk to raise funds for coronavirus victims.

Mr Dabirul Islam Choudhury, a 100 years old London resident, made a pledge to raise £1,000 on Sunday 26th April for the victims of COVID19.  He set a target to complete walking 100 laps while fasting during the month of Ramadan at the communal garden of his house.  Within just the first 9 hours of setting up a JustGiving page, he reached his target and in the next 48 hours he saw a pile of donations from all across the country.  The donations have thus far reached at about £4,500 and continues to grow steadily.  Overwhelmed by seeing the outpouring of donations, Dabirul has renewed his pledge and now won’t stop walking as long as donors keep donating.

He says: “Thank you for your donations.  I’m not fighting alone to put a smile on the faces of hungry children, we are fighting together.  This money will help desperately needed families in the UK, Bangladesh and many other countries”.  He added “now we don’t have schools, colleges or university which means that we don’t have transport costs or lunch fees.  You can donate a little amount from these or your pocket money!  If everyone donates a small mount each, we can raise a lot of money and provide needy people with food and medicine”.

Born in 1920, Dabirul remembers the tragedy of the second world war.  He witnessed the birth of Pakistan and helped Bangladesh from the UK to be liberated in 1971.  Arriving in the UK in the late 50 from Bangladesh for higher studies, Dabirul says “I’ve never seen a war like this, the whole world is fighting against one enemy, but no one knows the enemy”.

His son Atique Chowdhury who is constantly monitoring the wellbeing of his father says “the last few weeks were really tough for us as a family when the social distancing came into effect.  My dad couldn’t see his loving grandchildren as he used to see every week”.  Reflecting on the life of his father, Atique continues “Dad was always like this……it’s about the people and his community of which he is so proud of.  I’m extremely proud that even during these uncertain times, he has put people first before him.  It’s a great lesson for me and us all”.  Donating from Tokyo, Japan, one donor says “The next level of humanity”.  Mohammed, another donor, praised his efforts and asked “What’s your secret to living a healthy life?!”

Dabirul Chowdhury will donate the money to RFC (Ramadan Family Commitment), an initiative by satellite Television Station Channel S.  The donations will be distributed equally amongst Channel S partner charitable organisations who are working UK wide and internationally.