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Observing Altab Ali Day on 4 May 2020

The annual Altab Ali Day is on Monday 4 May. Unfortunately, this year due to Corona outbreak we will not be holding any public commemoration of Altab Ali at Altab Ali Park, Adler Street, Whitechapel.

We are requesting everybody to remember the racist killing of Altab Ali in your own way as the annual commemoration of the Altab Ali Day is a very important event in the anti-racist and anti-fascist calendar. It vividly reminds us of the catalogue of racist murders and our struggle against racism and fascism in the UK. This year marks the 42nd anniversary of the murder of Altab Ali, which gave rise to the resistance movement by the Bengali community in the East End of London and led to the anti-racist struggle in 1978.

For the Bengali community, who were under constant attack from the racists as early as1975, the murder of Altab Ali, a leather clothing worker, in 1978 was a turning point, especially of its youth. It led to their mobilising and politicisation. They began to organise into youth groups and campaigning groups and linked up with other anti-racist movements and organisations. Their politicisation led them to enter mainstream politics to demand resources and rights for the community. Many historically significant achievements of the Bengali community stems from the community’s campaign during the 1970s and the following decades.