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Vitamin D against coronavirus

There is no antidote against coronavirus. That is why it is important to boost one’s resistance against diseases as an effective shield against the virus. Vitamin D is definitely required to increase one’s resistance.

The largest source of Vitamin D is sunlight. But due to the lockdown, everyone has to stay indoors. So in order to meet one’s Vitamin D requirements, it is necessary to ensure a Vitamin D enriched diet.

When the sun rays touch the body, Vitamin D is produced. Research has shown that Vitamin D has an effective role in preventing various chest diseases such as tuberculosis and pneumonia. And long-standing Vitamin D deficiency can harm the functioning of one’s lungs, some research indicates.

In order to meet the daily requirement of Vitamin D, an adult must have food such as eggs, mushrooms, salmon, herrings, sardines and tilapia as well as Vitamin D enriched milk, yoghurt, orange juice, etc. Fish oil or cod liver oil has a lot of Vitamin D. If two teaspoons of this oil is present in one’s food, the daily demand is met.

Egg yolk also has a lot of Vitamin D. Every 100 gms of mushrooms can meet half the daily demand for Vitamin D. It is important to include all such food in the your daily diet to build us resistance against disease. And of course, it is most important to follow the health rules and maintain social distancing.

The writer is a chest and medicine specialist