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Whole society –  past to present

Fatema Miah:


Oxford University’s Oriel College has voted to remove the controversial statue of colonialist Cecil Rhodes. Cecil Rhodes statue removal is a wise and sign of awakening response. So Must be Drakes. Such decision is a positive sign of some comfort to Black History.  Edward Plague also comes to reflection.  When we talk about discrimination, its not all race, religion. Class has been worse effected of discrimination.

Oriel College statesman  said its governing body “had also voted in favour of launching an independent inquiry into the monument.”. The college said it had “expressed their wish to remove the statue of Cecil Rhodes and the King Edward Street Plaque” to the commission.  While the ‘Rhodes Must Fall’ campaign to remove the monument was first launched in 2016, there have been renewed calls in recent weeks as the Black Lives Matter movement has gained support in the UK.

Peel UKs prime Minister of past millennium, his name was raised. Feel  I am not much sure of need to be challenged for political stance that was in the past millennium ago, yes its matter of controversial issue. Drake, certainly cuts mark in Black History and shame on humanity, Symbol Statue with honour of such inhumane dealings  is shame on modern reformed global democracy.   Curzon and Hamilton were imperialists too.  Curzon arrived hardest to grip on the rope of the Empire, Hamilton was although wise and mixing and mingling with natives more,  wasn’t too soft either.

Discrimination has been in play always, its been part of politics, Power and rule.  Cruelty has been on going throughout.  There are white haters, they hate; black, non whites, and Islam too.  Then what about them haters? Are they all  treated equally high by politicizing beings?  Do white not suffer?  Some are to worse.  Kind Edward Plague, was an absolute cruel mark for his own white, Native English people.  Hate and power has been  highly exercises on helpless ordinary people.  Discrimination, hate and disregard isn’t all about race or BAME. Politicize is an intense game.

Some white are hateful, USA or British, racism cannot be claimed inexistence.  Human beings, everyone has different types of clergy kind or intolerances, per dislike is also right to have preferences too.   USAs black discrimination cannot be ignored at all.  Black Lives Matters movement is right for an awakening.  It’s time presumably for a change for good.  Black lives matters demonstration went through Solihull and peacefully. Way it turned out  in London  I felt,

London Hooligans, black –  white fight and the riot: they are itching for fight. The lockdown and stopped their body too long got them wound up. There fighting clubs must  be placed for them hooligans to play gladiators.

The Black Lives Matters demonstration, was right movement for voicing against USAs police, it  didn’t help coronaviruses.   BAME were already highly susceptible to the pandemic.  Now pride and prejudice phrase been uttered. Don’t they provoke While English a bit sharp and hard? I’ll come back to that in a while.

The Islam faulting beings, my fellow commentators, I do see you need pokes, from your reflective types creationists , the “race Card’ pullers, they know how to poke you deep in.  There are some scratchers, the scratching beings, pull race card.  Politicize of course of same kind and same learnt. I must coinage a phrase. Right fight.

When there are sickening, damagers, abusive natured beings, are bad nothing but evil and in fight mode ready, go and see within, among them, Inside, they are not only horrendously, abusive towards others, they also ruining their own and others health and with force and derogatorily, with lie making and protest kind of culture and their rights.

It’s all about right fight. Every body exercising right fight there. Laughter is, its Britain, where else do they exercise any right fight. Their culture, in their ethnic land? Rights?? I am hated.  Also, Too much Islam abused for right fight and in attacking wrongly.  I do not blame Islamophobic beings  too much, because they have hate and its needs a direction of spitting out and our Muslims comes on the way with annoyances, in the way of haters.   Asma Begum Tower Hamlet councilors writing in Bangla mirror feature page, how does it not wind English People up?  Asma Begum wrote : “As a proud British Bangladeshi and Deputy Mayor in Tower Hamlets which is home to Banglatown and Brick Lane and a borough where Bangladeshi is the largest ethnic group, knowing that we might be more suspectable simply because of the colour of our skin makes me anxious for my family, friends and residents. It also makes me really angry as the government is dragging its heels.”   What her message is?

Now, for the Bangali community being at high risk of Covid-19,  here too race card waving, phrase Pride and Prejudice  wrote Asma Begum a Tower Hamlet Councilor.  It feels to me, these groups with Islam banner, abusing Islam, in the Kiyamath, day of judgement they will scream at God; Allah you are Racist, prejudice and bias, When they will be standing confused with listed mistakes. Who can teach them anything, they know it all. Its about supported by group. Asma Begums written an article in Bangla Mirror feature page  it proves the entire community is led  under idiotic senseless blindness.

Anyway, Test: if life is test: yes. my parents been hugely heavy testing for me though i sacrificed head down, I loved and honoured. ZahakAllah be khair. husband been nightmare to me I sacrificed deadly with compassion, mercy, and heart pouring love.  Siblings been evil and devils testing, while took my nurtures and showed with my love and compassions, 1 or 2 devilest to extreme, mercy I natured.  Muslims are sickening test, Pakistani & Bangali, women been worse stress causing with lies. Took on my health. Astagfirullah.  Alhamdulillah my sons been fun play test, very little. We overcome with joyous satisfaction and loving appreciation. SubhanAllah feeling fulfilling and proud.

A little extra: Why Majority Muslims don’t refrain from:  “The zina of the eyes is looking, the zina of the ears is listening, the zina of the tongue is speaking, the zina of the hand is touching, and the zina of the foot is walking. The heart wishes and longs and the private part confirms that or denies it.” Al- hadith, Muslim, 2657. The zina of eyes or tongue or desire doesn’t entail Hadd punishment but are absolutely haraam.

Mohammed pbuh ordered punishment for accusing others of Zina, or discussing or passing on any true or false gossip of Zina and worse he held making assumption. AlBukhari 5889.  The punishment for discussing zina true or false is severe.  There is victim cases are absolutely different category falls in Hudud of Tazir for Justice..  The victims are in high status to Allah Subhanu Tala.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com