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Florida’s anti-maskers term authorities “communist dictators”

Residents of Palm Beach County in Florida of the USA slammed the County board of commissioners, who voted to require masks in public places, heavily terming them “communist dictators”.

Mentioning that wearing masks is creating problems for them, some of them claim that masks can kill people. Voting for such a norm is nothing but committing a crime against humanity.
They termed the norm of wearing masks in public a “devil’s law” as it broke the rule of God.

People believe that it is against the rules of breathing. The residents are coming up with reasons ranging from the norm being “devil’s law” to fear God for breaking the rules.

County board of commissioners who voted to require masks in public places, were grilled by witnesses who said they were “communist dictators”, people who love the devil and hate freedom. A woman said the panel members were “insane and crazy”, arguing all “should be in a psych ward”.

“This is insane. And then you want to open the meeting with a prayer to God. Are you praying to the devil? Because God is not listening to that prayer. Because all of you are practicing the devil’s love,” she said angrily.

A woman named Whitney, who identified herself as an essential worker, caught the attention. “I don’t wear a mask for the same reason I don’t wear underwear,” she said. “Things gotta breathe.” The statement made everybody laugh in the room.

Another aged campaigner said, “They want to throw out God’s wonderful breathing system out of the door. You’re all turning your backs on it.”
These type of arguments made to justify not wearing masks is being watched and shared widely. It’s been viewed over six million times so far. This is the problem faced by everybody in the every corner of the world.