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The chef-driven new food publication CURRY CHEF launched in London

Bangla Mirror Desk : The London based Curry Life Media Group has launched a new publication dedicated to Curry Chef. This will be the fourth food, hospitality, travel and leisure industry publication to the group.

The media group founded Curry Life Magazine, Oriental Food Life, Travel Life and latest addition to the group is the Curry Chef Magazine.

The first publication Curry Life from the group was launched in 2003. It has soon become the most authoritative voice of the Curry Houses across Britain and the continental Europe. It is currently the ‘one and only’ magazine exclusively dedicated to Curry Cuisine in the world.

Syed Belal Ahmed, Editor of the Curry Life Media Group, said: “We wanted a magazine solely focused on Curry Chef. As the majority of the Curry Houses are in the UK owned and operated by people of Bengali origin, there has been a great demand for a Curry House publication in Bengali.

“Like most of the hospitality sector, the Curry Houses are badly impacted by the COVID pandemic. Noticing this, Curry Life Chefs Club (CLCC) which is a networking organisation of for Curry Chefs were demanding us to launch a magazine to unite Curry Chefs and help them meet the ‘new normal job challenges’ and help them reach their full potential by assisting them through this difficult time,” said Ahmed.


Chef Abul Monsur, President of Curry Life Chefs Club (CLCC), said: “the launch of Curry Chef Magazine is undoubtedly good initiative. As many chefs are now grappling with unemployment, uncertain over future career and business, it is good time to get united behind CLCC.

“This crisis doesn’t have an end in sight, and we’re committed to supporting our colleagues, family, and friends throughout the entirety of this. We’re in it together,” he said.

Chef Syed Zohorul Islam, General Secretary of CLCC, added: “All Curry Chefs should utilise their skills right now; with a little bit of money and a few ingredients, we can create healthy, nutritious meals for people,” he says.

“Not fancy gentrified curry meals, but ones that are feeding a lot of people and doing a lot of good. It’s the perfect thing for a chef to do at this time of crisis.”

The Editor in Chief of Curry Life Media Group, Syed Nahas Pasha, said: “Our media group will make continued effort to enhance the skills of Curry Chefs, champion their innovation and creativity. Of course those who deserves will get their recognition as always at the Curry Life Awards.

“We will work with our partners to enhance the skills of Curry Chefs through our regular Culinary Workshop. After all, no one is better equipped to feed people than a group of skilled chefs,” he added.

For further information, please visit: www.currychef.uk