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Dual Hujja  – Hajj- 2020

Fatema Miah:

2020, is an absolutely different year with a rather complete change of society, complexity indeed we can call it certainly with this unusual random U-turn of entirely world system.  It’s has become a chaotic situation worldwide with Covid-19 pandemic caused heath hazard and havoc worldwide for the system.  Normality forced to change, in lockdown as complex of evolutionary process, and world forced to act accordingly.
2020 year saw change in faith practices.  Ramadan prayers in congregation  wasn’t allowed to take place, Mosques been closed down and Friday prayers and last Eid ul fitr not been taken place.  Moreover, the Umra travel to Makkah not been allowed.  Saudi in precaution ordered curfew alongside lockdown.  It was restricted people to visit Ka’ba and disallowed international flights to and from many countries and while  restricted under regulated  from few.
It is Dual hujja lunar month the 12th Arabic month began today.  This is the month of Hajj and Qurbani, the pilgrimage  pillar ritual  and sacrifice time.  It is an important and blessing  month for mankind. This month recounts the moments of, Adam- Adhom and Eve – Hawas reunion on the earth,  Ismail, Hagar-Hajira  and Prophet Ibrahims trials and finally the Prophet Mohammed’s final return to with right over  Makkah, pbut.
It was announced earlier in the year, about Hajj this year 2020, agents not to take booking. In Jun, after all,  Saudi Arabia has announced that the annual Hajj pilgrimage will be vastly restricted this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, after months of speculation.  Because of Covid-19, no international pilgrims allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia, international  pilgrims Hajjis cannot be  allowed to hajj. About this Restriction,  Rashid Mogradia, CEO of the Council of British Hajjis, said, this is not a surprise to him.

Despite Saudi warned agents, and people not to do  any  bookings earlier this year, yet, here in UK Bradford Ehatti firm, took deposits from people to boom hajj packages of £6,000 each of 700 people BBC paper reported.  The deposit hasn’t been refunded yet and the firm saying they are struggling for  surviving.  Few other agents in UK, took deposits from people for 2020 hajj packages also and not made the refund, yet.
Hajj in year 2020, not taking place as such or to a  usual norm.  Saudi after all finalised Hajj programme with total 1000 pilgrims.  That too only for total of 3 days of basic to absolute minimum rituals condition of must and what cannot be missed at all other ways hajj won’t be hajj at all, that the Ka’Ba circulations’,  Runs, and Arafath that to for only Saudi people and total of 1000 male and female.  Hajj, a  phenomena of mankind since the time of  Adam and Eve,  Adham and Hawa, peace been upon them, in any situation or under any condition has been and will be performed by creation Allah, no matter the number.  Species of birds were recorded doing the circulation over the ka’Ba during covid-19 lockdown.  Subahan Allah, beauty of the creator.
Due to restriction for Corona pandemic human beings are restricted to small number and pushed aside,  pushed indoor and the species are allowed the spaces to stretch their antennas.  There thousands of species been circulating the house of Ka’Ba, SubhanAllah. Saudi people were restricted to low Priority  to Hajj rituals  in the past years in their own country, this year although they are given the opportunity by prioritised it, the number of people can perform hajj  is still small.  At least half a million of people Saudi could allow to hajj with safe  system  in place.
Every year 2,000,000 million of people attend to hajj from across the world accumulated multi billion dollars of income for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  This covid-19 year of 2020, Saudi Arabia facing a total loss of multi billion of dollars and it caused a hugely large hole in their budget pocket, and hajj agents across the world are facing their usual source of income been waped off.
Among the hajj income souces of business, there it was Pakistani companies, travel agents  by large faced total  loss of income due to covid-19 Hajj restriction this year 2020.  There Kenya, as well as having to face loss of hajj organising income,  Kenya having to deal with excess amount of cattle left, those cattle Kenya usually export to Saudi Arabia during  Hajj season for pilgrims Qurbani, sacrifices.
In terms of Satisfice, what is obligatory essential deed, Muslims of wealthy background must anyway do the sacrifice whether, going to hajj or not. Those Kenya and other Africa, Arabian castles should not be an issue, Muslims nowadays do perform online Qurbani orders to distribute to poor and needy, and so  those cattle raised for Qurbani propose must be facilitate for Muslims to do on line Qurbani using those cattle and to supply to most destitute, and desperate  regions of Africa continent. .
Hajj to be taken place with total of  1,000  hujjaz, pilgrims. The Hujjaz selection process surely was a tough task, selecting only 1,000 people out of million isn’t an easy syndicate however,  hope Saudi authority have had applied a just selection process of consideration by  appropriate  priority.          Hajj  this year which accounced by Saudi Authority to begin from 29th of July till  1st of August 2020.
Eid Mubarak, Eid Saeed.