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Corona infection and death rates declining in Bangladesh: Minister

The numbers of both corona-infected people and deaths in Bangladesh have declined, Health Minister Zahid Maleque said on Sunday.

“About 60-70 percent of seats designated in hospitals for corona patients are empty. This proves the number of patients has declined,” he said while talking to reporters at the secretariat.

Most corona patients are now receiving treatment at home, he said adding: “Some 4,00-5,000 doctors are providing telemedicine services. Only critical patients are now being hospitalised.”

The minister claimed that the number of tests has declined due to flood and reluctance among people. “There’s no shortage of kits.”

In many districts, Zahid mentioned, there has been zero Covid-19 death rate and the number of infections is very low.

“Considering all this, it can be said the number of patients as well as deaths is declining in Bangladesh,” the minister added.

Asked about the drives at hospitals, the minister said the investigations will continue to find out irregularities.

“The search for irregularities at hospitals didn’t stop. Those will be taken care of based on joint discussions with the Home Ministry,” Zahid added.