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TikTok to take legal action against US government over ban

The parent company of TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing app, has announced it is taking legal action against the US government, in an effort to safeguard its rights and interests.

Chinese state news agency Xinhua reports, ByteDance, the parent company, is likely to file a lawsuit against the federal government U.S. government.

In a statement, ByteDance said “To ensure that the rule of law is not discarded, and that our company and users are treated fairly, we announce that we will officially file a lawsuit to safeguard our interests.”

It also said they have earnestly sought to communicate with the US government over the past year and provided solutions regarding its concerns.

But the US administration disregarded facts, disobeyed necessary legal procedures, and tried to insert itself into negotiations between private businesses, ByteDance alleged.

As part of the Trump administration’s signature economic and foreign policy strategy of decoupling with China, the president announced at the start of this month that he would be banning the popular Chinese video blogging app in the US, where it has 90 million users.

It prompted US tech giant Microsoft to enter the picture and offer to buy TikTok in order to save its American business. Trump initially entertained the idea but soon started demanding a ‘substantial cut’ of whatever price Microsoft managed to agree with Bytedance.

A few days later Trump doubled down on the ban and banned US companies from even interacting with Bytedance.