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Stitches removed from UNO’s mouth

Physicians have removed stitches from the mouth of UNO Wahida Khanam who is receiving treatment in a Dhaka hospital surviving criminal attack.

She had a successful surgery requiring the doctors to address nine places which received serious wounds.

Stitches at her head will be kept away on Saturday followed by a decision of the medical board as to next course of treatment.

The right side of her body is suffering from numbness caused by the attack.

Doctors said she is trying to move fingers showing a positive sign and strides towards recovery.

Medical board thinks she needs not to be sent abroad right now.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is monitoring the UNO’s treatment and all experts are engaged in the treatment process.

Treatment and legal steps are taking place paralally as a good number of people including prime accused are behind the bar.

Some of them already submitted confessional statement. They claimed to have attacked UNO for resisting a robbery attempt.

Investigators and members of administrative officials ruled out it saying the attack might be sequel to UNO’s zero tolerance against land grabbing and other irregularities.