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Indian Delicacies at Kurry Accent

I recently came back from a trip to India. After all the delicious meals I have had there, I couldn’t handle the craving for Indian ever since my return. Thus, my tour group and I decided to relive the memory of our trip at Kurry Accent; our favorite Indian restaurant in Dhaka.

I usually try very traditional Indian food items at Kurry Accent but decided to order something different this time. We started off with Papdi Chaat. This scrumptious Indian street food delight has been turned into a fancy one by Kurry. Topped with potatoes, pomegranates, cilantro and tamarind chutney and bhujia, this appetizer/small bite is an excellent option for Indian food fanatics. Other than the less amount of yoghurt, I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. The best part is that it can easily be split by 2 or more if you are ordering other items from their menu.

Next, we ordered the Old Delhi Murgh Boti with Butter Roomali Roti. I was absolutely blown away with the presentation! The chunks of chicken had a rustic taste of garam masala. The additions of chilis and garnish of coriander gave it a spicy and minty taste. The crisp roti got crisper with time and I loved that! The Tandoori Khumbh was no exception in terms of presentation. It was quite unique having two button mushrooms being stuffed and then joined with each other. This dish is a hit or miss depending on what flavors you like. The nutty taste of cashew taste along with mashed veggies is really rich here. In fact, even for me it was unlike other flavors I’m accustomed to. But don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed it, especially the chars on the mushrooms gave it a smoky flavor.

For mains we got the Assorted Kabab Platter which had fish, lamb and chicken kabab served on a grill. Surprisingly it was the Dory Fish that stood out. It had a melt in the mouth texture with perfect seasoning. The Chicken and Lamb were both slightly salty especially the chicken was slightly a letdown for us.

The Daal Makhni and Butter Chicken are our all time favorite. We have had it before and the taste is always consistent. The Daal had the perfect amount of Tarka and the Butter Chicken was succulent and delicious. The Kacche Gosht Ki Dum Biryani was another favorite around the table with its fragrant ‘jhorjora’ rice and juicy mutton bits.

Kurry Accent always leaves us little room to complain. I think their dishes are authentic Indian ones and I will always remain one of their loyal customers. Only if they’d work a little more on their interior, it’d be the perfect place for any gathering.